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<p>The boundary between dorsal (D) and ventral (V) cell populations is smooth in wild type wing primordia (upper panel) and wiggly upon ectopic expression of bantam miRNA (bottom panel).</p>
28 Jul 2011

Two quests, one looking into adhesion molecules to gain insight into compartmentalization in the Drosophila wing and the other aiming to discover how the cytoskeleton contributes to the development of compartment boundaries are now linked by a single microRNA, bentam.

<p>Hedgehog is present in the most posterior part of the wing primordium of Drosophila (blue)</p>
13 Jul 2011

Researchers discover a new mechanism for regulation of gene expression in growing tissues.

20 Dec 2010

The newspaper Diario Médico devoted an article to the latest work performed by the Development and Growth Control Laboratory, headed by Marco Milan. The results were published in the journal PLoS Biology. The study unravels the role of protein p53, known for its antitumoural properties, in regulating the coordinated growth of the organs.

16 Dec 2010

The online media Laboratory Journal echoes the latest work carried out by Marco Milán’s lab. Milán is the coordinator of the Cell and Developmental Biology Programme at IRB Barcelona. Published in PLoS Biology, the study reveals that the anti-tumour protein p53 regulates the proportionate growth of organs during embryonic development. “These experiments indicate that stressed cells send signals to the remaining tissues in order to reduce their growth in order to allow damaged tissue to repair itself and allow the organ to grow in a coordinated manner”, explains Milán.

14 Dec 2010

The journal PLoS Biology, where the latest work of the Development and Growth Control Laboratory of IRB Barcelona was recently published, highlighted the paper in the 'Synopses' section. This article explains the results and relevance of the work, directed by Marco Milan, for a general audience.

<p>Flies with wings of different sizes but in proportion. © Milán Lab. IRB Barcelona.</p>
14 Dec 2010

In studies conducted on the fruit fly, researchers at IRB Barcelona headed by ICREA Professor Marco Milán have revealed that organs have the molecular mechanisms to control their proportions. In this process the protein p53 plays a crucial role. The study is published today in the prestigious journal PLoS Biology.

The correct establishment of organ proportions, which occurs during embryonic development, is vital for the proper function of all organisms. Alterations in the mechanisms responsible for these processes cause fatal errors in embryos and even cause their death. In the Renaissance period, Leonardo da Vinci, in his famous picture of the “Vitruvian man...

31 May 2010

The digital journal produced by the French Embassy in Spain, Bulletins Electroniques, reports on the scientific results produced by Marco Milan’s group that were published in EMBO Journal in May.

31 May 2010

The scientific journalist Pere Estupinyà has written an entertaining account in his blog in the newspaper El País “Science notes from MIT” about five researchers that he met during a visit he made to IRB Barcelona in May.

Read the article (in Spanish):

29 Apr 2010

The study published by Marco Milán in the journal Embo Reports on the identification of a gene implicated in maintaining epithelial architecture has deserved a highlighted scientific comment in the same journal. The comment is made by Keith E Mostov, a renowned international cell biologist at the School of Medicine of the University of California San Francisco. Mostov draws attention to the novelty of the study and the need to address epithlial biology. In this regard, although this biology is important because of its relation with...

22 Apr 2010

In its Health Section, the digital journal “Consumer Eroski” reports on a study by Marco Milan published in EMBO Journal. This research reveals new data, obtained in the fly Drosophila, on the regulation of the oncoprotein Myc by microRNA machinery.