Development and Growth Control Laboratory news

15 Mar 2010

Diario Médico reports on the study headed by Marco Milán, head of the Cell and Developmental Biology Programme at IRB Barcelona, and published in Current Biology.

<p>A graphic showing the opposite functions of Notch receptor.</p>
11 Mar 2010

The same molecule is also involved in cancer and studies of its activity may provide new clues for the design of effective therapies.

<p>Sketch by researcher Enrico Coen of the IEC courtyard where the Barcelona BioMed Conferences are held. © E. Coen</p>
8 Jan 2009
A three-page report of the most recent IRB Barcelona BioMed Conference Morphogenesis and Cell Behaviour, appeares in the latest issue of Nature Cell Biology 11, 3 - 6 (2009). The 150 participants of the meeting, which was held from from October 6-8 at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC), discussed the generation of form during animal and plant embryogenesis. The meeting highlighted the impact of new microscopy methods and modeling approaches on the most recent advances...
8 Nov 2008

Scientific dissemination article about developmental biology and morphogenesis written by researchers Jordi Casanova and Marco Milán and published in "EL PAIS".

<p>Developmental phase of the Drosophila wing. Image ©: M Milán, IRB Barcelona</p>
6 Oct 2008

The development of organisms, the first step towards understanding human disease.