Development and Morphogenesis in Drosophila news

<p>Two wings of Drosophila. While the smaller corresponds to the wild type version (non modified), the bigger one corresponds to a wing in which the Wingless pathway is hyperactivated.</p>
6 Oct 2009

The study provides further insight into how cells divide to form the wing during the embryonic development of the fly Drosophila.

14 Sep 2009

In a report entitled “Una mosca model per a la medicina” (The fly, a model for medicine), the programme “El Medi Ambient” (The environment) explains why Drosophila melanogaster, commonly known as the fruit fly or vinegar fly, is a useful tool for advancing our knowledge of human diseases such as cancer. The IRB Barcelona researchers, Jordi Casanova and Cayetano González, take part in the report.

<p>A section of a Drosophila embryo with somatic cells (red) and germinal cells (green). The left image shows a healthy context while the right shows cells affected by failure of the protection mechanism. Image: Jordi Casanova, IRB Barcelona</p>
3 Aug 2009

An IRB Barcelona research team discovers the mechanism that favours the correct separation of germ cells –future ovules and sperm-, from the rest of the cells during embryonic development.

<p>Sketch by researcher Enrico Coen of the IEC courtyard where the Barcelona BioMed Conferences are held. © E. Coen</p>
8 Jan 2009
A three-page report of the most recent IRB Barcelona BioMed Conference Morphogenesis and Cell Behaviour, appeares in the latest issue of Nature Cell Biology 11, 3 - 6 (2009). The 150 participants of the meeting, which was held from from October 6-8 at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC), discussed the generation of form during animal and plant embryogenesis. The meeting highlighted the impact of new microscopy methods and modeling approaches on the most recent advances...
8 Nov 2008

Scientific dissemination article about developmental biology and morphogenesis written by researchers Jordi Casanova and Marco Milán and published in "EL PAIS".

<p>Developmental phase of the Drosophila wing. Image ©: M Milán, IRB Barcelona</p>
6 Oct 2008

The development of organisms, the first step towards understanding human disease.