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<p>On the right side we can see aberrant fly and mitochondria when SLIMP is silenced.</p>
2 Nov 2010

This finding has brought them the “Paper of the week” of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, one of the journals of greatest impact in basic biology.

Called SLIMP, the protein is required for mitochondria maintenance, the cellular powerhouses.

22 Sep 2010

Although many human diseases have their origin in chimpanzees, malaria appears to be brought from the gorillas, according to a study published in Nature to which the newspaper El Mundo has devoted an article. The article includes views of Alfred Cortés, researcher at the Gene Translation Laboratory at IRB Barcelona and an expert on the subject. According to Cortés this discovery will not have much effect in improving current therapies, although if it is confirmed that the gorillas are still a reservoir of malaria, this finding could bring progress in prevention.

23 Aug 2010

Lluis Ribas de Pouplana, Group Leader of the Gene Translation Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, has published an opinion article in La Vanguardia on the status of the biotechnology sector in Catalonia. He claims that although this sector has experienced some improvement, the situation is far from ideal and he criticizes the vague remarks that are often made about the world of research.

31 May 2010

The scientific journalist Pere Estupinyà has written an entertaining account in his blog in the newspaper El País “Science notes from MIT” about five researchers that he met during a visit he made to IRB Barcelona in May.

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29 Apr 2010

IRB Barcelona to participate in the BIO International Convention, the world’s largest biotechnology convention.

14 Mar 2010

The economics section (“Los Nombres y la Cosas”) of La Vanguardia newspaper of 14 March focuses on Lluís Ribas de Pouplana, head of the Gene Translation Lab at IRB Barcelona and founder of the spin-off enterprise Omnia Molecular, which is located in the Barcelona Science Park.

13 Jan 2010

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