Growth control and cancer metastasis news

<p>Dante's View (Death Valley National Park)</p>
14 Nov 2017

The “Innovadores” supplement of El Mundo publishes a report on the "Valley of Death" in biolotechnology. This term refers to the phases that between a scientific discovery and it reaching the market.

The article includes comments by experts Delia Zabra, from the Innovation Department at IRB Barcelona, and ICREA researcher Roger Gomis, founder of the spin-off company Inbiomotion.

<p>Roger Gomis</p>
9 Nov 2017

Virgil Simons from Radio Kanal Barcelona has interviewed ICREA researcher Roger Gomis about breast cancer. Gomis is one of the co-authors of an article recently published in Lancet Oncology in which they identified a group of patients with early breast cancer who could benefit from a preventive treatment of metastasis.

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<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab and founder of Inbiomotion, a spin-off of IRB Barcelona and ICREA.</p>
31 Oct 2017

ICREA researcher Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab, has recently been awarded a 2016 "Knowledge Industry Grant" (Producte), by the Catalan Government’s Agency for Management of University and Research Grants, for the further development of a therapy for the treatment of breast cancer. His 18-month project, "Lipid targeting in breast cancer", aims to obtain a monoclonal antibody, based on a well-defined molecular target, that is suitable for patient treatment and to complete its pre-clinical development phase. 

<p>Picture showing the metastasis of a primary breast tumour to bone (Author: Formas Naturales by Inbiomotion, IRB Barcelona)</p>
19 Oct 2017

A study published in the Lancet Oncology by an international team led by Prof Rob E. Coleman (University of Sheffield) and Prof Roger R. Gomis (IRB Barcelona) identifies the effect of MAF amplification on the outcome of treatment with adjuvant zoledronic acid in early breast cancer.

This new knowledge may be key to the early detection of patients who would benefit from zoledronic acid and those who should be spared, and both reduce disease recurrence and deaths from breast cancer.

Inbiomotion, an IRB Barcelona spin off company and financed by venture investors Ysios Capital and Caixa Capital Risc, will soon start a confirmatory trial.

<p>Picture showing the metastasis of a primary breast tumour to bone (Author: Formas Naturales by Inbiomotion, IRB Barcelona)</p>
19 Oct 2017

Multiple media channels, both national and international, have echoed a study published by Robert E. Coleman (University of Sheffield) in the Lancet Oncology and which involved Roger Gomis (IRB Barcelona). The work allows early detection of patients who could benefit from zoledronic acid and those who should avoid it. Such early detection would thus accelerate the administration of the first preventive treatment for metastasis.

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3 Oct 2017

The technology supplement Innovadores of the newspaper El Mundo has echoed on the award of 220,000 euros to three biomedical innovation projects underway at IRB Barcelona. This funding has been given by the Agency for Management and University and Research Grants (AGAUR, acronym in Catalan) of the Catalan Government, with the support of ERDFs.

29 Sep 2017

The labs headed by Angel R. Nebreda, Ernest Giralt and Roger Gomis secure funding for further development of three medical applications.

The three projects will receive 220,000 euros from the "Knowledge Industry" programme, which is run by the Catalan Government and cofunded by ERDFs.

<p>WIN.O non-alcoholic wine</p>
15 Sep 2017

Farmanatur has echoed that Sin Alcohol S.L. and the Spanish Association against Cancer (abbreviated to AECC in Spanish) have agreed to launch two exclusive dealcoholized wines. For each bottle of WIN.O White or Red sold, 0.60 € will be devoted to a study financed by the AECC. Dr. Jelena Urosevic, with IRB Barcelona's Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis group, will coordinate the project, which will address the role of phosphatases in colorectal cancer.

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10 Sep 2017

Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona and founder of Inbiomotion, is one of the five entrepreneurs interviewed in a report published in Ara Emprenem, the supplement of the newspaper ARA. Five companies explain how they have turned their fight against cancer into a business model. Inbiomotion is working on a biomarker to predict bone metastases.

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<p>Aleix Prat (IDIBAPS), Roger Gomis (IRB Barcelona) and Juan Miguel Cejalvo (PhD student in the joint programme PhD4MD)</p>
20 Apr 2017

Researchers at IDIBAPS and IRB Barcelona have described in Cancer Research, that the longer the time from the onset of the tumour to the development of metastasis is, the more aggressive this cancer becomes.