Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis news

4 Sep 2020

The goal is to train 15 young researchers in the understanding of metastatic processes and their evolution, with the aim to identify therapeutic solutions.

The Evomet consortium is formed by 13 institutions, which include several of the best academic, clinical and industrial centres working in cancer research and metastasis research in Europe.

Awarded in the Innovative Training Networks Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions call of the European Commission, the Evomet project has received €4 M and will last for four years.

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Metastasis Lab at IRB Barcelona</p>
4 Feb 2020

To mark World Cancer Day, the programme El Matí de Barcelona Betevé broadcasted by Radio Barcelona has interviewed Roger Gomis, ICREA Researcher and head of the Growth Control and Metastasis Lab at IRB Barcelona. During the interview, he talked about metastasis, the process by which a tumour spreads to the rest of the body, allowing cancer cells to adapt to new environments “What we are focusing on in our lab is precisely how this cell adaptation and plasticity comes about,” says Gomis.  

In addition, the Agencia SINC and newspaper have published an interview with Eduard Batlle, ICREA Researcher and head of the Colorectal...

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Metastasis Laboratory, IRB Barcelona.</p>
29 Nov 2019

The newspaper ABC has reported on a new project to be launched by IRB Barcelona researcher Roger Gomis thanks to a grant from the Fundación Fero Mango. Focusing on luminal breast cancer, one of the most common subtypes, the project aims to decipher the “dialogue” between tumour cells and bone stem cells. This information can then be used to design therapeutic targets and to limit the capacity of these cells to metastasize. “This is a groundbreaking approach to tackle metastasis in this kind of cancer,” says Gomis.

Beside, La Razón has reported on this project. In its article “Visionarios contra el cáncer”, it highlights that 15% of...

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Metastasis Laboratory, IRB Barcelona.</p>
12 Nov 2019

The funded project will address the development of metastasis in breast cancer. 

The grant, which is specifically for research into breast cancer, has been given by the foundation, in collaboration with Mango.

Fero is a private foundation that promotes translational cancer research in Spain.

<p>Photos of the presentation ceremony of the awards given by the Fundació La Marató</p>
31 Oct 2019

The foundation will be funding 43 cancer research projects.

19 Oct 2019

On 19 October, World Breast Cancer Day is celebrated to remember the commitment of the entire society in the fight against this disease -the most common tumour in western women.


<p>Different localization of the proteins involved in apoptosis in basal (Ctrl) and upon death receptor induction with TRAIL. Saška Ivanova, IRB Barcelona</p>
15 Apr 2019

Many treatments against cancer, such as TRAIL, aim to trigger a type of cell death known as apoptosis.

A team at IRB Barcelona, headed by Antonio Zorzano, has demonstrated that the protein TP53INP2 induces apoptosis in chemotherapy treatments.

<p>Press conference at IRB Barcelona, presenting the #MetastasisChallenge</p>
19 Mar 2019

Catalunya Ràdio, El Punt Avui, Expansión Catalunya, Europa Press, EFE, among other media, have published an article about the launch of the #MetastasisChallenge campaign. Through this initiative, the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) calls society to action to support research into metastasis—the main cause of death from cancer—by raising €5 M over the next four years.

Link to El Punt Avui

Link to...

<p>Press conference at IRB Barcelona, presenting the #MetastasisChallenge</p>
19 Mar 2019

Through the campaign called #MetastasisChallenge, the centre aims to raise €5 M over the next four years.

Metastasis is responsible for 90% of deaths from cancer, and this campaign aims to rally social support for research in order to speed up discoveries.

<p>100tífiques. Source: FCRI</p>
6 Feb 2019

The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) will be bringing together 100 female researchers and technologists in a training and networking session next Thursday, 7 February, at the Barcelona Science Park. IRB Barcelona will be participating in this event.

The gathering is devoted to the preparation of the talks that the scientists will be giving around Catalonia on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February) and to ‘fostering a sense of community’ to reinforce the role of women as scientific and social leaders.

The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, will be opening the event, which forms part of the Biennial City and Science Programme.