Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis news

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab</p>
4 Feb 2019

La Vanguardia has published an opinion article by Roger Gomis, head of the Control of Growth and Cancer Metastasis lab at IRB Barcelona, in the framework of the World Cancer Day. In the article, the researcher gives information about the latest report from the AECC, ASEICA and the la Caixa Foundation. "In recent decades, joint action in prevention, diagnosis, surgery and new therapies has had a notable impact on patient survival, increasing from 20% to 55% today. This effect is always attributable to innovation and research seeking to transform and adapt treatments to the needs of each patient," says Gomis.

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<p>Biennal Ciutat i Ciència</p>
16 Jan 2019

From 7 to 11 February, the general public will have the opportunity to participate in activities related to ageing, nanoscience and climate change, among others.

IRB Barcelona will be taking part in the Biennal event through three initiatives that target the public.

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab</p>
16 Jan 2019

El Mundo newspaper has published an article on a study by the University of Basel (Switzerland) that has found a way to separate the tumour cells that circulate in blood in groups and to prevent them from forming metastases. In this regard, they include the opinion of Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona: "(This study) allows us to understand how to handle the aggregated cells that initiate the tumour, but now we need more effective and clinically optimal compounds. It is another step in a very fertile field such as the cells in circulation, but we must be realistic in terms of expectations. There is a gulf between what we see in the laboratory and what can be done with...

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab</p>
5 Nov 2018

The “Dinero” supplement of the newspaper La Vanguardia has interviewed Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona, about Inbiomotion, a spin-off from the institute and ICREA. This company, which came about from biomedical research and an entrepreneurial spirit, develops and commercialises a diagnostic test that allows the identification of those breast cancer patients most likely to develop bone metastasis. “It is very satisfying that an idea that arose in a lab has found a favourable environment in Barcelona in which to take a potentially life-saving product onto the market,” says Gomis.

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<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab</p>
2 Nov 2018

The Spanish Association of Cancer Research recognizes his work and grants him the ASEICA Young Investigator Award 2018.

The award ceremony will be held in Valencia on 6, 7 and 8 November.

<p>The AECC ceremony was held in Madrid yesterday, 25th September, the World Cancer Research Day</p>
25 Sep 2018

The projects address breast, lung, colon, prostate and melanoma cancer.

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab</p>
13 Sep 2018

The magazine Cambio 16 has wrote an article on the 20 projects that the "la Caixa" Foundation has awarded to promote excellence in the fight against diseases that have a big impact in the world. One of these projects is the "Metastasis Cell Fate Mapping" by Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona, who will develop strategies to compensate for the effect of mutations that influence the progression of breast cancer in order to find new treatments.

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab</p>
26 Jul 2018

The biotechnology portal Biotech Spain has published an article about the award of funding from “la Caixa” foundation to develop the project "Metastasis Cell Fate Mapping", headed by Roger Gomis, ICREA research at IRB Barcelona.

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25 Jul 2018

The scientist Roger Gomis receives funding from the “la Caixa” Foundation for a project devoted to metastatic breast cancer.

<p>Image: BIST</p>
27 Jun 2018

BIST Director General says modernising research facilities and providing training to boost the social impact of science are the top priorities of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology

Barry C. Barish presents theory and technology behind measuring gravitational waves developed at LIGO, for which he won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics