Interdisciplinary initiatives


Today’s frontier biomedical science relies on quick and reliable access to powerful state-of-the art technologies. Interactions between technical and scientific groups provide mutual advantages: researchers have access to cutting-edge equipment that provides them with insight into their scientific questions.


Discoveries being made today in the biomedical sciences have remarkable potential to make important advances in finding treatments for some of the most pressing diseases affecting our society.


Scientific institutes need to be tightly linked to the wider research community and IRB Barcelona has numerous initiatives to ensure that our researchers establish fruitful collaborations with other scientists, research facilities and hospitals. Our collaborations go beyond borders, with formal links to institutes with similar areas of activity and interests worldwide.


A collaborative programme between IRB Barcelona, the Centre for Genomic Regulation and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center aimed at pursuing new advances in computational biology.

The Metastasis Research Centre performs joint investigation on metastasis

The Metastasis Research Centre (MetCentre) brings together multidisciplinary basic research groups from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) and clinical and translational groups from hospitals and technology platforms in Barcelona, with the aim to perform joint investigation on metastasis.