Clinical partnerships


Discoveries being made today in the biomedical sciences have remarkable potential to make important advances in finding treatments for some of the most pressing diseases affecting our society. In order for the knowledge about the molecular mechanisms that cause disease achieved in the laboratory to be translated quickly and effectively into real benefits for patients, it is critical that the clinical experts and basic research scientists work closely together, sharing insight, knowledge and methodologies. Together they can adopt a highly effective and unified approach to tackle important issues in human health.

Barcelona is host to a number of world-renowned hospitals and clinical research centres, and IRB Barcelona has taken advantage of this ideal setting to form alliances with well-established research and clinical groups, forming collaborative teams focused on specific diseases. The goal is to bring together medical doctors, clinical researchers, molecular biologists, chemists, computer scientists and others to channel and complement their expertise, providing access to the most sophisticated technologies and methodologies, in order to adopt a truly unified approach to molecular medicine.

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