Technology partnerships


Today’s frontier biomedical science relies on quick and reliable access to powerful state-of-the art technologies. Interactions between technical and scientific groups provide mutual advantages: researchers have access to cutting-edge equipment that provides them with insight into their scientific questions. Technology partners gain insight into the latest scientific questions, allowing them to innovate and push the limits of what their equipment can do.

Through strategic agreements with research institutes and scientific infrastructures in the Barcelona area, as well as at the European level through various collaborative initiatives, IRB Barcelona scientists take advantage of a complete range of cutting-edge core facilities, technology platforms and services.

Joint BSC - CRG - IRB Programme in Computional Biology

A collaborative programme between IRB Barcelona, the Centre for Genomic Regulation and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center aimed at pursuing new advances in computational biology.

UB Scientific and Technology Centres, for the provision of flow cytometer services.

Institut de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona (CSIC), to fortify our crystallography activities.