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<p>Modesto Orozco, head of the Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics Lab at IRB Barcelona</p>
11 May 2018

ABC, El Economista, Cope, among other media, have published articles about the ERC Proof of Concept grant awarded to Modesto Orozco, head of the Molecular Modeling and Bioinformatics Lab at IRB Barcelona, to combat resistance in breast cancer.

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8 May 2018

IRB Barcelona scientist, Modesto Orozco has been granted 150,000 euros to optimise and validate a promising anti-tumour therapeutic tool over 18 months.

29 Nov 2017

The Community Research and Development Information Service of the European Union (CORDIS) has echoed the SimDNA project conducted by Modesto Orozco and funded through an ERC Advanced Grant. The project has developed multiscale DNA simulation technologies to understand in detail the mechanisms that control gene expression.

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<p>Modesto Orozco leads the Molecular modelling and bioinformatics laboratory at IRB Barcelona</p>
15 Nov 2017

The programme “24 Horas”, broadcasted by Radio Nacional de España, has interviewed IRB Barcelona researcher Modesto Orozco, co-organiser of the Barcelona Biomed Conference.

From November 13 to 15, this meeting gathered more than twenty experts in the field, with the aim to share advances made in 3D genomics.


Link to Radio Nacional de España (interview starts at 19:40)

<p>In the image, simulation of a chromatin fiber (MuG consortium)</p>
14 Nov 2017

Various media, including El Progreso, the Diario de Pontevedra and Biotech Spain, have echoed the Barcelona Biomed Conference. From November 13 to 15, more than twenty experts shared the advances made in 3D genomics, a field that is expected/has the capacity to unravel the underlying causes of many diseases. Modesto Orozco, leader of the Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics group at IRB Barcelona, was a co-organiser of the event.

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<p>In the image, simulation of a chromatin fiber (MuG consortium)</p>
13 Nov 2017

Specialists advance toward the “Google Earth” of the genome, which will allow them to see the detailed structure of DNA folded within the nucleus, from atomic resolution to the level of the entire molecule

3D genomics promises to reveal the hidden layer of gene regulation and allow researchers to uncover the causes of many diseases

20 world leaders in 3D genomics will meet today until Wednesday in Barcelona at the Barcelona BioMed Conference organized by IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation.

<p>Multiscale Complex Genomics (MuG) is a Horizon 2020 project coordinated by IRB Barcelona Group Leader Modesto Orozco</p>
18 Jul 2017

Scientists in the Multiscale Complex Genomics (MuG) Consortium are working on new cloud-based computational infrastructure to support and improve the existing genome analysis tools. The beta-version of the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) was presented for the first time in Cambridge in April. MuG is a Horizon 2020 project coordinated by IRB Barcelona Group Leader Modesto Orozco.

<p>Researchers revealed details of the p38 activation mechanism. The image represents the structural changes from the inactive state (purple) to the active one (green) proposed by X-ray crystallography. Image: Antonija Kuzmanic.</p>
27 Apr 2017

p38α is a protein involved in chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer, among other pathological conditions.

Published in the journal eLife, the study provides a deeper understanding of the structure of this protein, thereby paving the way for the development of more effective inhibitors.

These findings are the result of combining fundamental biological data using computational techniques.

27 Apr 2017

The journal reports on the research performed by IRB Barcelona scientists. In the study, these researchers have provided an integrative picture of the p38α activation mechanism and new insights into the molecular effects of various molecules that regulate the enzymatic activity of this protein. 

The first author of this study is Antonija Kuzmanic, an EU Marie Curie COFUND fellow who is undertaking postdoctoral training simultaneously in two IRB Barcelona labs — the Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics Laboratory and the Signalling and Cell Cycle Laboratory.

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<p>Participants in the IV National Congress of Entrepreneurial Scientists in Barcelona. From left to right, Iliana López, Daniela Kalafatovic, Anna Bellmunt, Alba Olivares, Saska Ivanova, Sanja Zivanovic, Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda.</p>
11 Apr 2017

An innovative programme from IRB Barcelona’s Innovation Department enables researchers to explore how to implement their entrepreneurial ideas