Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics news

<p>Xavier Salvatella leads the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics (Battista/Minocri, IRB Barcelona)</p>
12 Jun 2014

A study by the scientists Xavier Salvatella and Modesto Orozco at IRB Barcelona reveals the existence of information highways that connect and correlate distant sites within a single protein.

Published in Nature Communications, the article furthers a key theoretical field for drug discovery, as it would allow the discovery of many more drug binding sites in proteins of biomedical interest.

<p>Math4Life is a new programme to train biostatisticians</p>
12 May 2014

This initiate is aimed at young undergraduate students and graduates in statistics, mathematics, informatics, and bioinformatics interested in the biosciences.

Maths4Life involves tutored summer training placements in labs working in cancer, network biology, molecular modelling and biostatistics.

9 Mar 2014

Researchers at IRB, Jordi Duran and Modesto Orozco, have been consulted by the journalist Cristina Sáez for an article on memory for the Magazine of "La Vanguardia".

Jordi Duran, associate researcher with Joan Guinovart's group, studies the implications of glycogen on memory function and learning. Modesto Orozco, an expert in biocomputation, is one of the researchers involved in the Human Brain Project, the European initiative that seeks to simulate how the brain works within the next 10 years.

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4 Mar 2014

The local scientific programme “El problema de Gettier”, from la Xarxa TV, interviews Modesto Orozco about bioinformatics and biosimulation. The IRB expert believes that in the future doctors will have simulation models of each patient that will help to predict disease progression.

Link to “ El problema de Gettier”.

<p>MareNostrum supercomputer facility at BSC (Image rights: BSC)</p>
20 Feb 2014

BSC, CRG, and IRB sign a collaboration agreement for five years that will promote Barcelona as a world leader in computational biology.

The goals of this joint programme are to retain the critical mass of researchers, to attract talent, and to boost computational biology.

The team includes ten well-known researchers headed by Modesto Orozco (IRB), Roderic Guigó (CRG), and David Torrents (BSC).

28 Jan 2014

Laura Orellana, PhD student in Modesto Orozco's lab at IRB Barcelona and part of the IRB-BSC joint programme is featured in a video made by the Barcelona Supercomuting Center to explain the impact of supercomputers on science and on daily life.

Laura is the first scientist to...

13 Jan 2014

The Spanish television channel “La 2” broadcasted a programme funded by the Botín Foundation about several of the projects it supports, among them two "Mind the Gap" technology transfer projects belonging to IRB Barcelona. Eduard Batlle and Elena Sancho talk about "Colostage" and Modesto Orozco about "Nostrum Drug Discovery".

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5 March 2013
The Botín Foundation announces support for two IRB Barcelona business projects

12 Nov 2013

Salvador Aznar-Benitah, Angel R. Nebreda, Modesto Orozco, and Manuel Palacín are beneficiaries of funds raised in the 2012 “Marató” destined to fight cancer.

The IRB Barcelona projects—one individual and three coordinated—are to receive approx. 1.2 M€.

Having raised more than 11 M€, “La Fundació” will financially support 47 projects carried out by 79 researchers over the next three years.

6 Nov 2013

The “Diario Médico” talked to IRB Barcelona researcher Modesto Orozco about advance in computational simulation during the Barcelona Biomed Conference, held in the IEC and supported by the BBVA Foundation.

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30 Oct 2013

Meeting of international experts in biosimulation in the 22nd Barcelona Biomed Conference, organized by IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation.

Advances and applications in chemistry and computational biology have been awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.