Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology news

<p>Patrick Aloy leads the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology laboratory (Battista/Minocri, IRB)</p>
14 Jan 2014

ICREA researcher Patrick Aloy starts a 5-year project funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant, awarded by the European Research Council (ERC).

“SysPharmAD” seeks to monitor the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease and to discover new therapeutic targets for a disease that affects more than 35 million people worldwide.

25% of the researchers at IRB Barcelona are supported by the ERC, the main European funding agency for research of excellence.

7 Jun 2013

• Headed by EMBL in Germany, the consortium “SyStemAge” seeks to identify the molecular mechanisms behind aging and the consequences of this process, and also to propose biomarkers to combat age-related diseases.

• The consortium involves clinical researchers, biologists specialized in two types of blood cancer, systems biologists, and biotech managers.

Patrick Aloy, researcher at IRB Barcelona, will integrate the biological and clinical data to build dynamic maps of genes and proteins involved in the processes addressed in this study.

8 May 2013

The main French newspaper Le Monde echoes the research performed at IRB Barcelona on the side effects of drugs. Patrick Aloy and Miquel Duran provide molecular hypotheses for 1,162 secondary effects caused by around 1,000 drugs. Aloy and Duran have listed a series of "alerts" so as to enable medical chemists to circumvent many of these effects when designing new drugs. The results of this study were recently published in the scientific journal Chemistry and Biology, which belongs to the Cell group.

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29 Apr 2013

The specialize newspaper Gaceta Médica devotes a news feature article in its today's printed issue and online edition (friday) to an IRB Barcelona study. Performed by Patrick Aloy and Miquel Duran's, the study was published in the Cell's group jounal, Chemistry and Biology.

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19 Apr 2013

• This is the first study that studies and quantifies 1,600 known adverse effects of drugs currently on the market.

• The scientists Miquel Duran and Patrick Aloy provide a description of the molecular processes responsible for more than 1,000 secondary effects.

• This knowledge, which is available to the scientific community, may be of great use to minimize and predict adverse effects during drug design.

17 Dec 2012

Patrick Aloy's group have developed a new bioinformatics platform that is already available online to the public. Interactome 3D offers tridimensional information of protein-protein interactions at atomic scale. This tool also allows researchers to upload in an anonymous way their own data on proteins, and the programme then models their interactions.

Diario Médico has published a news article about this tool, which could be very useful for researchers working in molecular and cellular biology.

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<p>Interactome3D allows to structurally annotate entire pathways and provide molecular details useful for understanding the role of human disease mutations.</p>
17 Dec 2012

Researchers have developed a platform that compiles all the atomic data, previously stored in diverse databases, on protein structures and protein interactions for eight organisms of relevance. They apply a singular homology-based modelling procedure.

Given the high reliability of the results it produces, the new tool, Interactome3D, has received the endorsement of Nature Methods, the journal that has published the project.

23 Nov 2012

The team led by IRB Barcelona’s David Rossell and Patrick Aloy and by Anaxomics Biotech ranked among the best in the world for diagnosing and classifying patients in a blind test for four diseases.

26 Apr 2012

Scientists at IRB Barcelona, led by ICREA Research Professor, Patrick Aloy, group leader of the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Laboratory, publish the first video-abstract ever accepted in the scientific journal BioEssays (Wiley-Blackwell). “This is a notable instrument to make science more visible and accessible” says Patrick Aloy, “a tool for the future which most scientific...

15 Apr 2011

IRB Barcelona and the BSC show their commitment to computational biology by renewing the Joint IRB-BSC Programme, which also doubles in the number of researchers involved.

The programme aims to position itself as an international leader in computational biology.