Results about: adult stem cells

<p>Salvador Aznar Benitah.</p>

Adult stem cells ensure maintenance of the tissue and integrity in response to damage. They self-renew, are multipotential, and respond to and repair injuries.

The intestine has a reservoir of stem cells that are resistant to chemotherapy

These comprise a small group of passive stem cells—quiescent—that are activated when needed and have the capacity to produce any kind of intestinal cell.

Quiescent cells are relevant for tissue regeneration and for their participation in tumour development.

Elaine Fuchs: “We all need to embrace diversity”

Earlier this year, Elaine Fuchs, a world expert in skin stem cells, visited IRB Barcelona for a short sabbatical. During her stay, she worked on her science and had engaging exchanges with IRB Barcelona scientists. She also gave a lecture on her career path as woman scientist. She spoke with in vivo about it. With some good advice.


Two proteins safeguard skin stem cells

Without these proteins, skin stem cells are lost.

The study headed by Salvador Aznar Benitah at IRB Barcelona has been published today in Cell Stem Cell.