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Our research addresses the evolution of the protein synthesis machinery, the molecular interactions that regulate it, and the biomedical applications that can be derived from its study. Our research projects are focused around the biology of transfer RNA (tRNA).


New combination therapy for breast tumours, with selection marker

IRB Barcelona, one of 250+ institutions to support the European Directive on the well-being of animals

On 6 September, IRB Barcelona joined 252 institutions throughout Europe to sign the “Statement supporting European Directive 2010/63/EU”, promoted by the European Animal Research Association to endorse European legislation that protects animals used for scientific purposes. In Spain, the initiative was defended by COSCE, the Confederation of Spanish Science Societies. 
Research Associate Ivan del Barco says that the Directive “forces you to really think about your experiment and minimise the use of animals to get your results.”

Protein reelin rescues cognitive impairment in animal models of Alzheimer's disease

The study describes the neuroprotective effect of reelin in neurodegenerative diseases.

Co-directed by Eduardo Soriano and Lluís Pujadas, from the University of Barcelona, and the CIBERNED network, the study has involved Bernat Serra-Vidal, Ernest Giralt and Natàlia Carulla, all three scientists at IRB.