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Eduard Batlle, Lilly Foundation Prize: “In five years’ time we will have treatments for colon cancer metastasis”

In a ceremony in Madrid today presided by the State Secretary for Research Carmen Vela, the Lilly Foundation has presented Eduard Batlle with the 2016 Preclinical Research Prize.

Eduard Batlle awarded the Lilly Foundation's 2016 Biomedical Research Award

The IRB Barcelona group leader and ICREA Professor has been recognized in the category of preclinical research for his contributions to the understanding of colon cancer.

Since 2002, these awards have recognized excellence in biomedical research in Spain.

The Ministry of the Economy presents the Severo Ochoa Award of Excellence to IRB Barcelona

The renewal of the award, announced last October, brings with it 4 million euros of funding of the next four years.

The first “Alumni of Excellence Award” goes to David Vilchez

David Vilchez did his PhD at IRB Barcelona, and since 2013 he has headed a lab in Germany, where he has obtained a prestigious “ERC Starting Grant”.

Benjamí Oller wins one of the "Premis Pioner 2015"

This award recognizes his thesis, which addressed the use of shuttle peptides to overcome the blood-brain barrier.

AECC funds an IRB Barcelona cancer research project through the "Carmen Lavigne" Prize

The work in colon cancer by Dr. Enza Lonardo has been selected through an open competition and external evaluation following the quality standards of the Spanish Cancer Association (ACCC).

This study seeks to find a way to slow down the development of the disease and unravel the metastatic mechanism.

Each year the “Carmen Lavigne Hinojosa” Award for Research dedicates 60,000 euros to cancer research projects of excellence performed in Spain.

Renewal of IRB Barcelona’s ‘Severo Ochoa’ Award of Excellence

Today the Ministry of the Economy and Competiveness has announced that the Severo Ochoa Award given to 8 centres in the first call in 2011 has been renewed for another four years

The award brings with it another 4 million euros (1 per year) for IRB Barcelona