Results about: biomedical research

Launch of “StarLife”, a new informatics infrastructure to boost biomedical research

It’s a joint initiative of IRB Barcelona, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the Centre for Genomic Regulation.

“StarLife” is funded by the Catalan Government, through the European Regional Development Fund, and by ”la Caixa”.

Donate to the medicine of the future

Coinciding with #GivingTuesday, today IRB Barcelona is launching its donation campaign for the forthcoming holiday season.

Basic research paves the way towards the medicine of the future. Donations made to research speed up discoveries

A social media campaign is launched to foster charitable bequests in Spain

25 non-profit organisations working in the fields of social welfare, the environment, and biomedical research and associated with the campaign inform the public about the possibility of including a donation to a cause or charity with which they identify.

According to data from 2015, only 1% of wills made in Spain included a charitable bequest.