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Three innovation projects at IRB Barcelona are granted funding for market development

The labs headed by Angel R. Nebreda, Ernest Giralt and Roger Gomis secure funding for further development of three medical applications.

The three projects will receive 220,000 euros from the "Knowledge Industry" programme, which is run by the Catalan Government and cofunded by ERDFs.

New research front to tackle Friedreich’s Ataxia

IRB Barcelona starts a project with the long-term goal to achieve an injectable frataxin treatment able to reach the brain.

Frataxin is the protein that is reduced in those affected by this rare and degenerative disease, which has no cure.

The patients’ associations Babel Family and ASOGAF in Granada provide the funding for the initial 18 months of this challenge.

Sights set on the next generation of shuttle peptides to target the brain

IRB Barcelona researchers publish a review article on the emerging field of drug transporters that have the capacity to reach the brain more efficiently.

IRB Barcelona is one of the few centres worldwide with a specific line of research devoted to this field, which brings together chemistry, pharmacy and biomedicine.

The article appears on the cover of the journal Chemical Society Reviews.

Pardridge: “There has to be a marriage between the drug discovery part and the drug delivery part”

This renowned Blood-Brain Barrier expert attended the Barcelona BioMed Conference in November

Benjamí Oller wins one of the "Premis Pioner 2015"

This award recognizes his thesis, which addressed the use of shuttle peptides to overcome the blood-brain barrier.