Results about: colon cancer

Flies with colon cancer help to unravel the genetic keys to disease in humans

Researchers generate for the first time Drosophila melanogaster with intestinal cancer and reveal key genetic factors behind human colon cancer.

The scientists identify a human gene that favours the proliferation of tumour cells in early stages of colon cancer.

Furthermore, the flies are useful for faster and more economic drug screening.

IRB Barcelona receives the support of the ERC to develop a test to predict metastasis of colon and liver cancer

Eduard Batlle, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona, will head the project “COLOStage”, which has been awarded European funding for technology transfer.

This “Proof of Concept” call has received applications from 128 projects, 28% of which have been granted funding.

The colon has a safety mechanism that restricts tumour formation

When adenomas appear in the colon, the same cells of the tissue produce a molecule that neutralizes its progression.

Adenomas, which are highly prevalent in the population, provide the substrate on which carcinomas develop.

Discovery of why colon cancer metastasis always follows the same invasive pattern

Roger Gomis’ team, in collaboration with another two groups in IRB Barcelona’s Oncology Programme, reveal in Nature Cell Biology the genes and mechanisms that allow liver metastasis to colonize the lung.

The breakthrough introduces a new concept of metastasis from metastasis, which may require a distinct clinical treatment to metastases generated from the primary tumour.

The study has been partially supported by the BBVA Foundation, which provides two IRB groups signing this article with structural funds.

Eduard Batlle to analyse the most advanced cancer research in the business forum Primera Plan@

The coordinator of the Oncology Programme at IRB Barcelona will also share his vision of the challenges and opportunities faced by Catalonia in order to maintain its leadership in global science.

Organised by “El Periódico de Catalunya” and with the support of the “Banco Sabadell”, the Primera Plan@ conferences are attended by distinguished managing directors, academics, lawyers, researchers, and representatives from the financial and social sectors and trade unions.