Results about: colorectal cancer

AECC funds an IRB Barcelona cancer research project through the "Carmen Lavigne" Prize

The work in colon cancer by Dr. Enza Lonardo has been selected through an open competition and external evaluation following the quality standards of the Spanish Cancer Association (ACCC).

This study seeks to find a way to slow down the development of the disease and unravel the metastatic mechanism.

Each year the “Carmen Lavigne Hinojosa” Award for Research dedicates 60,000 euros to cancer research projects of excellence performed in Spain.

"Study a cure for bowel cancer”, a new online experiment by Xplore Health

This multimedia resource allows students to discover one of the lines of research pursued by the Colorectal Cancer laboratory at IRB Barcelona.

Olga Torres Foundation grants funding to a project on colon cancer at IRB Barcelona

The project, led by the scientist Raquel Batlle, receives a grant of 60,000 €.

The study will determine the potential of p38 protein as a therapeutic target or as a diagnostic indicator in colorectal cancer.