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“I wish more scientists visited schools and got a kick about how excited kids get about science”

Muriel Arimon is the new IRB Barcelona’s new Public Engagement and Science Education Officer. “I think our outreach activities benefit not only society but also our young scientists. It is an opportunity for them to face a different challenge than those they experience in the lab, to learn how to communicate and to get a new perspective on how science is perceived,” she says.

24 high school students start the 4th edition of the Crazy about Biomedicine course

This year’s Crazy about Science Programme, organised by the Catalunya – La Pedrera Foundation, will be officially launched on Friday at the Món Sant Benet Monastery in an event that expects to bring together 600 people.

“A Future in Biomedicine”, an initiative to promote scientific vocation among university students

The IRB Barcelona programme is aimed at students in the fourth year of their degree and is launched offering four fellowships.

The students selected will work on a research project for seven months under the supervision of a group leader.

Tens of students, from secondary school to university level, pass through IRB Barcelona each year to train in biomedicine.

24 students start a year of fun activities in science in the new edition of “Crazy About Biomedicine”

On Friday 9 January in a ceremony held in Mont Sant Benet, the Catalunya la Pedrera Foundation welcomed the 172 students enrolled on one of the seven “Crazy about Science” courses, in which eight research centres in Catalonia are involved.

Forerunner of the “Crazy about Science” Programme, “Crazy about Biomedicine” enters its third year and seeks to stimulate scientific talent among secondary school students.