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IRB Barcelona receives a bequest of 1.5 M €

The donation will be destined to boost research into cancer and metastasis.

Launch of the IRB Barcelona Philanthropy Fund

Thanks to the generous donations of many individuals, organisations and companies to IRB Barcelona over the last three years, the Institute has launched the first call of the IRB Barcelona Philanthropy Fund. Two biomedical research projects will be funded with 40,000 euros. One of the projects selected will be in the field of oncology, to accommodate all donations made specifically for cancer and metastasis research.

Calella experiences a fund-raising weekend with “Vi per Vida”

Around 400 people gathered in a charity wine-tasting event to raise funds for metastasis research conducted at IRB Barcelona.

Swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar in support of research at IRB Barcelona

On Tuesday 22 September, Carlos Romero, a 44-year old from Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Barcelona, will swim across the Strait of Gibraltar in support of IRB Barcelona’s Oncology Programme.

In April, he launched the campaign Nadar contra corriente (Swim against the current) to raise awareness of the project, which is backed by supporters, companies and businesses in the area.