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Fran Supek becomes an EMBO Young Investigator

In 2017, Fran Supek started his research group at IRB Barcelona devoted to statistical genomics.

Through its Young Investigator Programme, EMBO identifies and supports some of the best young researchers in the life sciences.

Salvador Aznar Benitah elected EMBO member

Nine scientists at IRB Barcelona form part of EMBO, an organisation that comprises more than 1,800 outstanding researchers from Europe and around the world specialised in molecular biology.

“This will allow me to strengthen interactions with other European researchers, as well as to stay abreast of new ideas, concepts and technologies,” says Aznar Benitah.

Núria López-Bigas, elected EMBO Member

“It is a great honour and it strengthens my commitment to continuing my research with the highest standards,” says the IRB Barcelona group leader.

Eight IRB Barcelona group leaders are currently members of the European Molecular Biology Organization.

Raúl Méndez elected EMBO member

Fifty-five leading life scientists from Europe and around the world were recognized today by EMBO for their excellence in research