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Elaine Fuchs: “We all need to embrace diversity”

Earlier this year, Elaine Fuchs, a world expert in skin stem cells, visited IRB Barcelona for a short sabbatical. During her stay, she worked on her science and had engaging exchanges with IRB Barcelona scientists. She also gave a lecture on her career path as woman scientist. She spoke with in vivo about it. With some good advice.


Science needs fewer barriers between fields, more time and less aggressiveness, says Maria Macias

It was the first time that Group Leader and ICREA researcher Maria Macias organised a Barcelona BioMed Conference, in collaboration with the BBVA Foundation, held on 28-30 November 2016. When asked about the experience, she highlights that having been able to draw together experts from very diverse research fields and backgrounds was “extremely fulfilling” for her. The conference programme covered areas spanning genomics to systems biology, cellular structural biology, big data, and patients-focussed approaches.

Science is a lifetime passion for the new Academic Officer

Research has always been one of Noemí Carranza's (Valladolid, 1980) passions. She chose to study Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Valladolid in 2004 and moved on to do a PhD at the Polytechnic University and at the CSIC in Madrid.