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International Summer Camp at IRB Barcelona with the Catalunya - La Pedrera Foundation

Registrations are open for the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge, to take place 11-22 July.

Young scientific talent will work with IRB Barcelona scientists to learn about computational biology, big data and computer drug design.

IRB Barcelona in tandem with a state school in Cornellà to boost academic results through biomedicine

It is a three-year project that forms part of the “Escoles Tàndem” (Tandem Schools) Programme promoted by the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation.

It is the first tandem between a research centre and a primary school.

The school curriculum will be designed around biomedicine.

The Tandem Programme aims to improve academic results, provide added value to schools, and strengthen social cohesion.


24 high school students start the 4th edition of the Crazy about Biomedicine course

This year’s Crazy about Science Programme, organised by the Catalunya – La Pedrera Foundation, will be officially launched on Friday at the Món Sant Benet Monastery in an event that expects to bring together 600 people.

The fifth edition of the course for secondary school teachers starts at IRB Barcelona

The two-day workshop is part of the Teachers and Science programme, organised by the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation. This year’s programme will involve the participation of nine research centres from around Catalonia

The overall objective is to improve science teaching in order to increase scientific vocation among students

The IRB Barcelona workshop is dedicated to biomedical research with fruit flies

Can cancer be turned into a chronic disease?

Over the last 45 years, cancer survival has tripled, and for certain types of cancer, such breast tumours, it reaches 90%.

Elena Sancho gives an informative conference at the CCCB Museum on research perspectives for cancer and metastasis that will lead to an increase in survival.