Results about: protein protein interactions

A high resolution description of the structure and dynamics of proteins is a very useful tool to study the properties and the function of these important biomacromolecules and, most importantly, to understand how changes in sequence or environment can lead to disease.

A further step towards light-controlled drugs

Researchers in Barcelona discover more potential candidates on the route to tailored, photo-switchable therapies by disproving design limitation

Pioneering breakthrough of chemical nanoengineering to design drugs controlled by light

Researchers at IRB Barcelona and IBEC achieve photo-switchable molecules to control protein-protein interactions in a remote and non-invasive manner.

These tools will serve as a prototype to develop photo-switchable drugs, whose effects would be limited to a given region and time, thus reducing the side effects on other regions.

The article, cover and “Very Important Paper” of Angewandte Chemie, is a highlighted result of the European project “OpticalBullet”, funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and in which the two institutes participate.

First structures achieved with the Alba synchrotron

Joan Roig’s team collect three-dimensional information of protein complexes involved in cell division.

IRB Barcelona develops the first public-access resource that provides 3D information at molecular level for 12,000 protein interactions

Researchers have developed a platform that compiles all the atomic data, previously stored in diverse databases, on protein structures and protein interactions for eight organisms of relevance. They apply a singular homology-based modelling procedure.

Given the high reliability of the results it produces, the new tool, Interactome3D, has received the endorsement of Nature Methods, the journal that has published the project.