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“Vi per Vida” prepares its 4th wine-tasting event in support of cancer research at IRB Barcelona

The event will be held for 500 participants on Saturday 23 May in Mollerussa and will cost 5 euros per person.

The fundraising events organised by this one-year old charity organisation seek to promote the wine culture and draw public attention to the value of research, and are receiving increasing support from organisations, wineries, and popular figures.

"Vi per Vida" makes its first donation to metastasis research at IRB Barcelona

The charity organisation founded a year ago donates the first 3,800 euros collected in two wine-tasting events held in 2014 and announces three more events for 2015.

In 2014, Vi per Vida brought together more than 750 people, 20 organisations and celebrities from various fields in the wine-tasting events held in Mollerussa and Calella.

Vi per Vida is a generous and exemplary initiative. It is crucial that the general public help us to raise awareness in society as a whole, that it values research, and wants to contribute to it,” says Joan Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona.