BiomedTec is the Proof‐of‐Concept funding programme from IRB Barcelona devoted to validate early‐stage in‐house technologies related to biomedical research. The incubation on the BiomedTec platform fosters the transfer of scientific results to the market, thus returning the investment to society by improving the quality of life of patients.


Many of the results derived from scientific projects show a gap between their discovery and market. Reducing this gap will exponentially increase the market value of these projects and facilitate their transfer to industrial partners. Doing so, the IRB Barcelona has decided to create an incubator platform for its internal projects.


The BiomedTec platform incubates in‐house projects supporting the validation of preliminary results or Proof‐of‐ Concept experiments and provides project management support from a more market‐oriented perspective. Projects currently under incubation started at distinct stages of development, and are progressing according to their needs, as depicted in Fig. 1. The pipeline consists on:

[CTEC_01] Validating new and more effective anti‐glioma treatment by designing new therapeutic peptides coupled to an in‐house technology to actively cross the blood‐brain barrier (BBB).

[CTEC_02] Validation of the drugability of a new target and development of new drug candidates against prostate cancer.

[CTEC_03] In‐vitro and in‐vivo validation of members of a novel kinase family as new drug targets for cancer treatment. The study could optimise the treatment of cancer patients by increasing the sensitivity to chemo and radiotherapy.

[CTEC_04] In‐vivo validation of a mitochondrial gene as a potential novel drug target against hepatocellular carcinoma. This validation will allow the development of a new tissue specific therapy.

[CTEC_05] Validation of novel hit compounds as inhibitors of the replication machinery of herpes viruses, which may be used as antiviral drugs.



The BiomedTec supports the acceleration of projects which are also available either for licensing or as a co‐development opportunity. If you are interested in forming part of this exciting project please contact the Innovation Department in order to know more about the different forms of collaboration


This initiative is supported by

Alba Olivares
Technology Transfer Officer
+34 93 40 20816