New combination therapy for breast tumours, with selection marker

The therapeutic effect of P38MAM is based on the combination of a chemotherapeutic and a P38 inhibitor. P38MAM gains strong relevance, for the triple-negative breast cancer subtype,
against which there is no directed therapy. It comes with a selection marker to sort responsive patients.


P38MAM is a new therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) based on the combination of a particular type of chemotherapeutic drug and a p38 inhibitor. The business package includes the license for the use of the therapeutic combinations and the companion diagnostic test (CDx) to predict the group of patients more likely to benefit from the treatment.
P38MAM provides evidence that pharmacological inhibitors of p38 potentiate the effect of certain chemotherapeutic drugs, reducing the size of mammary tumours in both murine models and human patient derived xenografts of TNBC and Luminal subtypes.



- New and directed therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
- Reduction in palliative care due to less hospitalization time, thus representing important savings
- Re-profiling of P38 MAPK inhibitors showing positive safety profiles to a short-term treatment indication
- Treatments will be less aggressive and more efficient, reducing painful side effects
- P38MAM will improve treatments, as reducing tumor size should facilitate surgery, whenever needed, improving also the follow-ups.