Innovation news

<p>Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda, Project Leader and associate researcher with the Translational Control of Cell Cycle and Differentiation Lab. Image: CaixaImpulse.</p>
20 Jul 2017

Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda, associate researcher at IRB Barcelona, leads this therapeutic project selected by CaixaImpulse to facilitate its development towards the market.

<p>IRB Barcelona's Innovation team strengthens ties with industry.</p>
19 Jun 2017

IRB Barcelona, along with another 30 Catalan companies and organisations, is participating in the four-day convention in San Diego.

The BIO International Convention (BIO) is the top partnering fair for the biomedical sector.

The Institute’s spin-offs Iproteos and Nostrum Biodiscovery are also visiting the fair.

<p>Representative images of different subtypes of skin tumors (L. Rinaldi, IRB Barcelona)</p>
25 May 2017

Researchers led by Salvador Aznar-Benitah at IRB Barcelona investigate the role of Dnmt3a and Dnmt3b proteins in skin homeostasis and tumour development in adult mice.

The study has been published in eLife and deserved an eLife digest aimed at a more general audience.

<p>(Image: Free Illustration. Stem cell sphere)</p>
18 May 2017

Today in the La Vanguardia newspaper, Josep Corbella devotes an article to Barcelona's support of research with applications in regenerative medicine. Among the labs mentioned, the article makes reference to the Cellular Plasticity and Disease Laboratory of Manuel Serrano, which will study the repair mechanisms of damaged tissue for biomedical applications in several diseases, with a particular emphasis on diabetes, lung fibrosis and cardiac fibrosis. The new lab at  IRB Barcelona,...

<p>Núria López-Bigas stars the ninth video of the "Meet Our Scientists" series</p>
5 May 2017

In the video "Looking for a needle in a haystack", ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona describes her work at the front of the Biomedical Genomics laboratory.

The group’s interests range from deciphering the basic biology of cancer to the development of useful tools for the diagnosis and personalised treatment of patients.

4 May 2017

Jeffrey M. Perkel, Nature's technology editor, writes an article on smartphone science. The article appears today in the 4 May issue of Nature magazine. The article focuses on mobile phones and how these devices are helping to take conventional laboratory-based science into the field, the classroom and the clinic. 

Among other examples, Perkel discusses the work performed by Julien Colombelli, manager of the Advanced Digital Microscopy Core Facility at IRB Barcelona, who has combined, together with colleagues at ICFO and CRG...

<p>Chelsea Gerber, for whom the foundation Chelsea’s Hope is named, suffered from Lafora disease (image published in ASBMB).</p>
4 May 2017

The May issue of the  American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) journal includes a feature article about the international project on Lafora disease, which involves Joan Guinovart’s group at IRB Barcelona (see here). The US organisation Chelsea’s Hope, a charity formed by families affected by this disease, promoted this international collaboration.

Written by Kim Rice and Matthew S. Gentry...

<p>This TECNIO seal recognises the IRB Barcelona's Innovation department as a competitive agent in Catalonia’s innovation system</p>
24 Apr 2017

ACCIÓ awards the Institute’s Innovation Department with the quality seal TECNIO and two VALUNI grants for technology transfer projects

<p>Participants in the IV National Congress of Entrepreneurial Scientists in Barcelona. From left to right, Iliana López, Daniela Kalafatovic, Anna Bellmunt, Alba Olivares, Saska Ivanova, Sanja Zivanovic, Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda.</p>
11 Apr 2017

An innovative programme from IRB Barcelona’s Innovation Department enables researchers to explore how to implement their entrepreneurial ideas

<p>Albert Farré thinks that all young scientists are potentially fit for industry</p>
11 Apr 2017

How do you make a successful move from academia to industry? In March, Albert Farré, Brand Manager at Novartis Oncology, told IRB Barcelona scientists who attended the “Building Bridges in your network” workshop how he did it. And he has some good advice for budding entrepreneurs.