Memoria Anual

La memoria anual ofrece una visión general de las actividades y avances que han tenido lugar dentro de la comunidad del IRB Barcelona durante este año. Esta nueva versión online combina resúmenes científicos, hechos y cifras y algunos vídeos para echar un vistazo a la vida y la investigación en el IRB Barcelona.

This year has marked a transition for IRB Barcelona. It has been a year in which Joan Guinovart has passed the directorship to me—a position that I am honoured to hold. 

The annual report reflects on IRB Barcelona’s achievements and it also provides an opportunity for me to acknowledge Joan´s leadership over the years. During this time, we have produced significant scientific results and made important institutional accomplishments. However, I believe that the most relevant achievement has been the consolidation of such an outstanding community. This truly devoted group of people has made IRB Barcelona what it is today, namely a model of excellence in fundamental biomedical research.