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Course on 3D Organoid Culture

30 Nov 2017

Organoids are tridimensional (3D) in vitro culture systems derived from self-organizing stem cells. The term organoid is used as these 3D cultures reflect a resemblance to the organ of origin regarding self-organization, multicellularity and functionality. In many aspects, they can be considered as mini-organs. Stem Cell derived 3D organoids have emerged as an invaluable tool for research that has been rapidly applied to understanding stem cell biology, organogenesis, and various human pathologies, including cancer. Indeed, organoid technology represents the current state of the art to study relevant events in many types of cancers, including colorectal cancer. In addition, they represent an in vitro platform for preclinical drug discovery and their value for predicting therapy responses is currently being investigated.

The goal of the course is to provide investigators with the latest advances in 3D organoid culture. Participants will learn the basis of organoid cell culture and the multiple applications of organoid technology. Four experts will share their knowledge and know-how while they demonstrate organoid versatility. Bring along all your doubts. There will be Q&A open discussions with the experts including the technical challenges faced when establishing an organoid model. A few abstracts will be selected for short talks.

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For more information, see: www.amsbio.com/organoids.aspx



Registration deadline: The registration is now closed

Registration fee is 30 euros (free for CIBERONC members). Please note that the number of participants is limited, with a number of seats saved for IRB Barcelona alumni. Previous registration is required.

Participants are invited to submit abstracts, a number of which will be selected for short talk and poster presentations. Abstracts should include a title, authors, affiliations, summary (max 250 words) and references.

10:00 - 10:15 Registration and Welcome


Session I: Organoid Technology: Applicability and Technical Challenges

Chair: Francisco X. Real, Epithelial Carcinogenesis Group, CNIO

10:15 - 11:15 Dr. Sylvia Boj, Scientific Director Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB), Utrecht, Netherlands
“Patient-Derived Organoids for Drug Screening & Development, and Patient Stratification”

11:15 - 11:30 Short talk: Dafni Chondronasiou, IRB Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
"Mapping dedifferentiation in vivo"

12:30 - 13:30 Joint Q&A: Dr. Sylvia Boj & Dr. Laura Batlle, Head of Tissue Engineering Unit, CRG, Barcelona, Spain
"Technical challenges when establishing an organoid model.  Essential reagents (R-spondin, growth factors) and choice of 3D matrices."


13:30  - 14:30  Lunch


Session II: Organoid technology applied to Cancer Research

Chair: Eduard Batlle, Head Oncology Program, IRB Barcelona

14:30 - 15:00  Dr. Carme Cortina, Senior Postdoctoral fellow at IRB Barcelona, Spain
“Genome Editing of Patient-Derived Organoids by CRISPR/Cas9”

15:00 - 15:30 Dr. Daniele Tauriello, Senior Postdoctoral fellow at IRB Barcelona, Spain
“Mouse models for advanced Colorectal Cancer based on organoid technology”

15:30 - 15:45 Short talk: Dr. Asunción Fernández-Barral, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas "Alberto Sols" (Madrid, Spain)
"Gene expression studies in human normal and tumor colorectal organoids"

15:45 - 16:15 Joint Q&A


16:15 - 16:30 Coffee break


Session II (cont.): Organoid technology applied to Cancer Research

Chair: Dr. Elena Sancho, Research Associate, Colorectal Cancer Laboratory, IRB Barcelona

16:30 - 17:30 Dr. Hèctor Palmer, Head of the Stem Cells and Cancer Group, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), Barcelona, Spain
“Intra-tumoroid cell heterogeneity and drug resistance”

17:30 - 17:45 Short talk: Catarina  Santos, CNIO (Madrid, Spain)
"CD49f labels an organoid-forming mouse urothelial cell population with stem cell features"

17:45 - 18:15 Joint Q&A


18:15 - 18:30 Concluding remarks from organizers



Parc Cientific de Barcelona,  Felix Serratosa Room.
c/ Baldiri Reixac, 10
08028 Barcelona
(Campus de la Diagonal, Universitat de Barcelona)

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CIBERONC members:

Dr. Eduard Batlle, Head of Oncology Program at IRB Barcelona

Dr. Francisco X Real, Head Epithelial Carcinogenesis Group, CNIO, Madrid

Dr. Elena Sancho, Research Associate, Colorectal Cancer Lab at IRB Barcelona