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<p>Hanoch Piven was at IRB Barcelona for an unusual seminar about playfulness.</p>
27 May 2016

Piven is an artist who has become famous for, as he says, playing with things. His distinctive and quirky celebrity collages have graced the covers of most major magazines and newspapers such as Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Esquire UK, Der Spiegel. The author of award-winning books and Apps, Piven has lectured extensively about creativity and communication in many venues across the world. He leads workshops follow the principles of his own collage technique and encourage young people to experiment with common day-to-day objects and pieces of the world around them to create their own works of art.

27 May 2016

Improve your ‘soft skills.’ Raise your hand if you are a scientist and you have not heard this mantra before. IRB Barcelona takes this skill set very seriously. In collaboration with the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation, every year it organises workshops such as How to improve your scientific presentations and Scientific Communication: Getting Started.

Brian McCarthy, Irish theatre director and acting teacher, philosopher and writer, is one of the coaches of these courses. His goal is to “help people get their greatest work into the world and turn their big ideas into reality,” he explains. In vivo met him after...

<p>Muriel Arimon spent 4 years in Boston as a postdoc.</p>
27 May 2016

Muriel Arimon is the new IRB Barcelona’s new Public Engagement and Science Education Officer. “I think our outreach activities benefit not only society but also our young scientists. It is an opportunity for them to face a different challenge than those they experience in the lab, to learn how to communicate and to get a new perspective on how science is perceived,” she says.

27 May 2016

How well does IRB Barcelona fare in addressing its employees' expectations when it comes to gender equality, inclusion and diversity? To answer this crucial question, a working group has been set up at the Institute. Its goal is to pave the way for the implementation of gender equality and diversity procedures and policies for all employees.

Histopathology Core Facility Manager Neus Prats is leading this working group. The group will soon give way to a proper Equality and Diversity Committee that will include members representing all IRB Barcelona's communities. The group currently includes Head of...

<p>From right to left: Marina Gay, Marta Vilaseca, Mar Vilanova, Laura Villareal, Mireia Díaz-Lobo.</p>
27 May 2016

IRB Barcelona steps into High-Throughput Proteomics. After passing an external evaluation, the Mass Spectrometry Core Facility has been renamed “Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Core Facility”. Its mission is “to apply advanced proteomic methods to help researchers study diseases, pathways, targets and drugs effects,” says Core Facility manager Marta Vilaseca, who emphasises the contribution of her team to cutting-edge research at the Institute.

The facility has recently been enlarged and now occupies an additional area in the PCB to host a new Orbitrap Fusion Lumos, which has just been installed and is fully...

<p>IRB Barcelona Director Joan J. Guinovart was one of the invited speakers in a workshop dedicated to rare diseases on 29 February</p>
11 Mar 2016

Once every four years we are reminded that the Earth does not revolve around the Sun in exactly 365 days. We add an extra day to February to compensate for the six-hour difference between the calendar year and the solar year. Being born on 29 February is thus a relatively rare event. For this reason, since 2008, this leap day is dedicated to commemorating the approximately 7000 rare diseases that affect between 27 and 36 million Europeans. The European Union defines a disease as “rare” if it affects fewer than 5 in 10,000 people. Because these diseases are complex, many have no treatment, thus leaving those who suffer from them and their families and carers, a heavy burden.


<p>Fayna García is an expert in cancer vaccine research</p>
11 Mar 2016

Fayna García (Las Palmas, 1979) did her doctoral thesis on the synthesis of peptides of biomedical interest at IRB Barcelona under the supervision of Fernando Albericio. Having finished her PhD in 2007, she is one of the first female doctoral students and alumni of the Institute. In 2008, she applied for an academic position at the Hokkaido University (HU) School of Life Sciences that was offered exclusively to female scientists. She would be later appointed Assistant Professor at the same University, a position that she still holds today. At the same time, she...

<p>Helena on the day of the discussion of her thesis in 2014</p>
11 Mar 2016

After more than 6 years, Helena González (Salamanca, 1983) has left IRB Barcelona to pursue her dream of communicating science. Thanks to Big Van: Científicos Sobre Ruedas, the company she created together with her colleagues from the first Spanish edition of FameLab, she will be working on two European projects within Science With and For Society, a call under the Horizon2020 framework. The two EU projects she is now involved in aim to bring science into secondary school classrooms using drama-based...

<p>Alessandro Ruffoni is an Italian pharmaceutical chemist</p>
11 Mar 2016

Italian COFUND Postdoctoral Fellow Alessandro Ruffoni (Lecco, 1985) joins the abundant group of athlete-scientists at IRB Barcelona. In January, this pharmaceutical chemist from the University of Milan took up his joint research position in Antoni Riera’s Asymmetric Synthesis’ Lab and Xavier Salvatella’s Molecular Biophysics Lab. He also has a past as a competitive runner in Italy and elsewhere: last year he embarked on a personal challenge to run from an altitude of 1800m to 3000m in the...

<p>Alba Olivares is responsible for the Innovation workshop series</p>
11 Mar 2016

2016 saw the launch of a new line of activity within the Innovation Workshop series. “Building bridges in your network” aims to give members of the IRB Barcelona Community, tools to help them expand their network of professional contacts in the biomedical sector while working at IRB Barcelona. The first installment of the course held on 8 March was attended by 20 people including two IRB Barcelona alumni. It was dedicated to the fundamentals of networking and was led by Tiago Botelho, Industrial Liaison Officer.

The idea of this series is to help strengthen the soft...