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The Barcelona Science Park opens its doors to primary school students

11 Mayo 07



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The goal of this activity, entitled “How does the scientific method work? Let’s do biomedical research!”, is to stimulate the creativity and thinking in students between the ages of 10 and 12, and to contribute to their educational activities. The project is part of the PCB’s “Science and Society” outreach programme, which aims to help improve the scientific culture of society in general, to promote research, and foster vocations in this field.

During the activity – which lasts from 10 to 12.30 in the mornings – students attend a theatre workshop in which two crazy scientists complete experiments using the scientific method, while explaining the function of cells, DNA and genes. Afterwards, the students take a guided tour of the PCB facilities, led by young scientist, Elisabeth Castellanos, from the Cell Division Laboratory at IRB Barcelona. The visit gives students the opportunity to see what happens inside research laboratories, and to meet real scientists and ask them any question that comes to mind.

Once the visit is over, students return to their classrooms to discuss what they learned with their teachers. They also make drawings about their experience, which are posted on the PCB website.

Through their “Science in Society” programme, the Barcelona Science Park develops outreach projects which aim to communicate “real science”, bringing the public and the teaching community closer to research that is currently being done in centres worldwide, with a special focus on research groups working in the institutes closest to them, both within the PCB and outside. The initiative allows scientists to interact directly with society through teaching and other interactive activities.

Sobre el IRB Barcelona

Creado en 2005 por la Generalitat de Catalunya y la Universidad de Barcelona, el IRB Barcelona es Centro de Excelencia Severo Ochoa desde 2011. El objetivo del IRB Barcelona es hacer investigación de excelencia en biomedicina y mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas y, en paralelo, potenciar la formación de talento, la transferencia tecnológica y la comunicación social de la ciencia. Los 27 laboratorios y ocho plataformas tecnológicas trabajan para responder a preguntas básicas en biología y orientadas a enfermedades como el cáncer, la metástasis, el Alzheimer, la diabetes y enfermedades raras. Es un centro internacional que acoge alrededor de 400 trabajadores de más de 30 nacionalidades. Está ubicado en el Parque Científico de Barcelona. El IRB Barcelona es un centro CERCA y es miembro del Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST).