The Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Programme is one of the key assets of our Institute. The goals of the Programme include the conception, design and synthesis of new molecules with potential therapeutic interest, conformational analyses, and molecular recognition studies. Undertaking an interdisciplinary approach to perform research of excellence at the interface between chemistry and biology, the Programme has well-consolidated collaborations with research groups from the other programmes, as well as with clinical research groups and pharmaceutical companies.

In particular, the Programme members synthesize a large variety of bioactive compounds, with a special focus on nucleic acids, peptides and proteins, pseudopeptides and peptidomimetics, polyheterocyclic nitrogen-containing systems and five-membered ring compounds.

The Programme also centres on molecular recognition studies and on research into protein dynamics. Using a variety of spectroscopic and biophysical methods, these studies examine the interaction of drug candidates with their specific therapeutic targets, as well as the alterations in the dynamics of proteins underlying pathological conditions.


  • Conception, design and synthesis of new molecules with potential therapeutic interest
  • Conformational analyses
  • Molecular recognition studies

Programme Staff

Jesús García

Senior Research Officer

Office Tel: +34 93 40 20460 | Email:

Eva Poca

Programme Secretary

Office Tel: +34 93 40 37124 | Email: