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Arte hecho a partir de la ciencia del IRB Barcelona

Del 12/02 al 12/03, la Artista en Residencia, Ayse Gül Süter,  expondrá su obra “Art Made of Science-Microspheres”, en el Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau.

Este proyecto se ha realizado en colaboración entre la Fundación Quo Artis el Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau y el IRB Barcelona.

Art and science: two complementary views of the world

At the beginning of 2017, IRB Barcelona launched its Artist in Residence programme, which aims to bring artists who have an interest in science closer to researchers, data and infrastructure at the Institute. By fostering interactions between artists and scientists, the programme offers new opportunities for inspiration and reflection on both sides. Anna Rierola is the 2017 Artist in Residence.