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The #IRBstartup programme nurtures future entrepreneurs

An innovative programme from IRB Barcelona’s Innovation Department enables researchers to explore how to implement their entrepreneurial ideas

Storytelling is one of a scientist's greatest assets, says Novartis Oncology Brand Manager Albert Farré

How do you make a successful move from academia to industry? In March, Albert Farré, Brand Manager at Novartis Oncology, told IRB Barcelona scientists who attended the “Building Bridges in your network” workshop how he did it. And he has some good advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Scientists set to become entrepreneurs

IRB Barcelona fosters entrepreneurship among its young scientists. Two postdoctoral fellows tell in vivo about their experience of learning how to deal with markets, patents and venture capitalists. 

Geared up to boost transfer

IRB Barcelona promotes research valorisation and commercialisation thanks to a grant from ACCIÓ.