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Descubierto un mecanismo de inhibición de la vía de señalización Smad

  • Un grupo de investigadores, liderados por Maria Macias, investigadora ICREA del IRB Barcelona, detalla el mecanismo que usa el factor TGIF1 para inhibir la función de las proteínas Smads.
  • El trabajo, que ha utilizado técnicas de biología molecular y estructural para estudiar esta interacción se ha publicado en Nucleic Acids Research

“Find something that truly motivates you, everything else will come naturally”

Postdoc Enrique Marcos (Barcelona 1982) is a chemist, a theoretical chemist to be exact. He has just published his first paper in Science, in which he explains how to computationally design the pocket-like cavities of proteins—essential areas that allow many proteins to perform their functions. And he has just been awarded a second Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Fellowship.


“If you want to be successful in obtaining a grant, broaden your portfolio when you are a PhD student”

How can young scientists obtain funding to continue their research as postdocs? IRB Barcelona’s Research and Academic Administration Department is here to help them. In the most recent workshop they organised, “How to be successful in your postdoctoral fellowship application”, held on 12 July, in vivo approached the Irish chemist Eimer Tuite, Senior Lecturer in Biophysical Chemistry at Newcastle University (UK), and evaluator of Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) to learn some tricks that might be useful for young researchers interested in applying for one of these grants.