Results about: metastasis

<p>Aznar Benitah</p>

Adult stem cells ensure maintenance of the tissue and integrity in response to damage. They self-renew, are multipotential, and respond to and repair injuries.

<p>Angel R Nebreda</p>

The Signalling and Cell Cycle Laboratory focuses on studying the basic mechanisms of cell regulation, especially regarding how external signals are interpreted by cells to modulate cell proliferation, differentiation and survival. Our research centers on two main subjects:


Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the most frequent and the second-most deadly type of cancer with around 700,000 deaths worldwide.


Intricate signalling networks control cell division, differentiation, movement, organization and death. Understanding how cells read and transform these signals into changes in cell behaviour is a major research focus of our group.

Gloria Pascual recibe un premio por su investigación sobre la relación entre las grasas y la metástasis

La Fundación Pfizer ha premiado a la investigadora del IRB Barcelona en la categoría “Investigación Básica”.

Gloria Pascual, del laboratorio de Células Madre y Cáncer, recibirá 10.000 euros para continuar con la investigación.

Donar a la medicina del mañana

El IRB Barcelona inicia hoy con la jornada solidaria mundial #GivingTuesday, una campaña de donaciones para el período de Navidad.

La ciencia básica biomédica abre la vía a tratamientos de futuro. Las donaciones a la investigación aceleran los descubrimientos.