Results about: Women in Science

Tres científicas del IRB Barcelona son galardonadas con la beca “To the Mothers of Science” del BIST

El BIST ha seleccionado a 12 ganadoras, entre las que se encuentran Guiomar Solanas, Jelena Urosevic y Lidia Mateo.

Este programa reconoce la excelencia en la investigación y apoya a las científicas en su transición hacia puestos de liderazgo.

“Girls take to the Lab” (“Noies al Lab”) teaches girls about great female scientists

A call to action: “Learn science and technology in a fun and participative way!” An objective: to foster the interest of girls aged 7 to 12 in science and technology through fun workshops. Activities allow girls to discover the world of research and innovation by learning about great female scientists who have made significant contributions to scientific knowledge. And three scientists: Lada Murcia and Celia Santos, PhD students with the Development and Growth Control Lab, and Teresa Juan, PhD student with the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Lab. These are the three key ingredients of the outreach initiative “Noies al Lab” (“Girls take to the Lab”).