In 2019, more than 20 doctoral students have defended their theses

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In 2019, more than 20 doctoral students have defended their theses, thus concluding this stage of their training at IRB Barcelona. This marks a very important milestone in their pathways to becoming the scientists of tomorrow.

23  PhD theses defended.

December 18, 2019

·   Speaker: Lidia Mateo, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: A computational toolkit to boost precision oncology with pharmacogenomics

·   Language: English

December 18, 2019

·   Speaker: Luis Daniel Toribio, Biotechnology

·   Thesis Title: Structural characterization of Signal Transduction proteins in Streptococcus pneumoniae and Vibrio cholerae

·   Language: English

December 16, 2019

·   Speaker: Diana Buitrago, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Understanding the link between chromatin structure, chromosome conformation and gene regulation

·   Language: English

December 13, 2019

·   Speaker: Ricardo Viais, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: The role of microtubule nucleation during neural development

·   Language: English

December 12, 2019

·   Speaker: Laura González, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Role of the atypical CDK activator RINGO beyond meiosis

·   Language: English

December 3, 2019

·   Speaker: Gerard Martínez, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Identification of novel histone marks required for the transcriptional stress response

·   Language: English

November 5, 2019

·   Speaker: Tiago Lopes, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Into the structure of human full-lenght Smads and the impact of cancer mutations

·   Language: English

October 30, 2019

·   Speaker: Celia Santos, Genetics

·   Thesis Title: Understanding Chromosomal Instability-induced Senescence

·   Language: English

October 28, 2019

·   Speaker: Lada Murcia, Genetics

·   Thesis Title: Selective killing of RAS-malignant tissues by exploiting oncogene-induced DNA damage

·   Language: English

October 21, 2019

·   Speaker: Alba Sabaté, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Regulation of brown adipose tissue metabolism by TP53INP2

·   Language: English

October 4, 2019

·   Speaker: Jurgen Walther, Physics

·   Thesis Title: Revealing DNA dynamics from atomistic to genomic level by multiscale computational approaches

·   Language: English

September 18, 2019

·   Speaker: Ignacio Castrillon, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Papel de DOR/TP53INP2 como activador del complejo FOSFATIDILINOSITOL 3-QUINASA de clase III en autofagia

·   Language: Spanish

July 26, 2019

·   Speaker: Sara Cano, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: CD98hc ochestrates amino acid and glucose availability, redox homeostasis and energetic and nucleotide metabolism

·   Language: English

July 19, 2019

·   Speaker: Craig Donoghue, Organic Chemistry

·   Thesis Title: Syntheses of Protein Degraders and Compounds for Targeted Drug Release

·   Language: English

June 20, 2019

·   Speaker: Eduard Puig, Organic Chemistry

·   Thesis Title: Structural characterization of amyloid betta oligomers with functional links associated to Alzheimer's disease

·   Language: English

June 17, 2019

·   Speaker: Artur Ezquerra, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Decipheryng the role of the yTuRC subunit MZT2/GCP8

·   Language: English

June 14, 2019

·   Speaker: Cristina Fuster, Organic Chemistry

·   Thesis Title: Understanding the transport mechanism of BBB peptide shuttles: THRre and MiniAp-4 as case studies

·   Language: English

May 31, 2019

·   Speaker: Paula Climent, Genetics

·   Thesis Title: Estudio funcional de la variante embrionaria de la histona H1 de Drosophila

·   Language: Spanish

April 25, 2019

·   Speaker: Gemma Turon, Genetics

·   Thesis Title: A genome editing based approach to study tumor cell heterogeneity

·   Language: English

April 30, 2019

·   Speaker: Ánxela Louzao, Genetics

·   Thesis Title: Investigating the role of testis-mitochondrial genes in Drosophila lethal (3) malignant brain tumor

·   Language: English

April 10, 2019

·   Speaker: Marion Salzer, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Hallmarks of Dermal Fibrolast Aging

·   Language: English

February 28, 2019

·   Speaker: Gianmarco di Mauro, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Functional analysis of the extraproteasomal ubiquitin receptor Dsk2/UBQLN in Drosophila and human cells

·   Language: English

February , 2019

·   Speaker: Albert Antolin Fontes, Biomedicine

·   Thesis Title: Mitochondrial and cell cycle functions of slimp

·   Language: English

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Background photo: Skin cancer stem cells to study biological processes related to different types of cancer and metastasis. Lorenzo Rinaldi, Alumni.