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01 Aug 2014

Venom against cancer

Muy Interesante

The laboratory of Peptides and Proteins, headed by Ernest Giralt , published in the Journal of Controlled Released a therapy for breast cancer using the wasp venom. The August magazine of “Muy Interesante” has echoed the study.


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27 Jul 2014

p53 protein adjusts power consumption

Diario Médico

Diario Médico echoes on an article about nutrition developed by Lara Barrio and Marco Milán in the Development and Growth Control laboratory. The work was published in Cell Reports.

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11 Jul 2014

The origin of Alzheimer disease on the focus of the scientific community

Television coverage of the Barcelona Biomed Conference on Alzheimer's disease, organized by Natàlia Carulla from IRB and Christopher M. Dobson from the University of Cambridge, which highlighted the need for increased investment into research into this disease.

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