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5 Feb 2016 - El Médico Hospitalario

The medical portal ""El Médico Hospitaliario" and other media report on IRB Barcelona's research on compounds able to act against EGF, a little-explored cancer target. The study has been published in ChemBioChem.

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2 Feb 2016 - Telecinco

EFE and Europa Press have reported on the presentation of the Severo Ochoa Awards of Excellence held in Madrid. The director of IRB Barcelona, Joan J. Guinovart, attended the ceremony, along with representatives of other awarded research centres. During the event, the director praised the initiative as a "magnificent experiment in science policy," but added that "there is still room to improve the quality of Spanish science."

1 Feb 2016 - El Pais

El Paí has dedicated an article to the new initiative promoting science at IRB Barcelona called "Meet our Scientists," a series of videos that aims to bring scientists to the public, "using an understandable language without losing scientific rigor, " said El País. The first video stars Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher and leader of the Growth control and cancer metastasis...

16 Jan 2016 - El Periódico de Catalunya

Interview with the director of IRB Barcelona, Joan J. Guinovart, in El Periódico on emblematic places in the Les Corts district of Barcelona and their association with his professional and personal life.

"People should make the same demands of scientists as they do of their football team", says the scientist and director of IRB Barcelona, in reference to an emblematic building in the neighbourhood, namely the Camp Nou (FC. Barcelona’s stadium). This building is located in the same district as cutting-edge scientific and educational facilities, such as the Barcelona Science Park—home to IRB Barcelona—, the science faculties of the University of Barcelona, the supercomputer...

14 Jan 2016 - La Vanguardia

ICREA Researcher Patrick Aloy, leader of the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology group, has spoken with La Vanguardia about animal testing and what alternatives exist to reduce it. He and his team have developed two computer methods to predict which molecules could have negative effects in an organism, using the enormous quantity of data generated by the clinical essays in the last decades. These tools...

12 Jan 2016 - Diari de Girona

Diari de Girona has published a column on a new mechanism involved in tissue regeneration, discovered recently. The study, published in PLOS Genetics, was conducted by the Department of Genetics at the University of Barcelona in collaboration with the group led by Marco Milán, ICREA researcher and leader of the Development and Growth Control Laboratory group at IRB Barcelona. This new mechanism is a significant advance in understanding how tissue regeneration works, and indicates that antioxidants may have a negative effect during the early stages of this process.

24 Dec 2015 - La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia has mentioned IRB Barcelona and its video "Scientists at IRB Barcelona dance for cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes research" in an article about philanthropy in the wake of the Spanish Christmas Lottery held last Tuesday. The text invites the winners to invest the money on different national scientific projects.

20 Dec 2015 - La Vanguardia

Big Vang, the science section of La Vanguardia newspaper, publishes a questionnaire answered by Modesto Orozco.

16 Dec 2015 - Barcelona Televisió

IRB Barcelona director, Joan J. Guinovart, gave an interview in a programme called "Terrícoles" broadcasted by the local station Barcelona TV. In a 30-minute conversation, Guinovart talked about various aspects related to the centre he has headed since its beginnings 10 years ago and the future. He stressed the need to engage experts in mathematics and statistics in biomedical research. The director also talked about the "Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology", a new organisation set up with the collaboration of six research centres of excellence in Catalonia.

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14 Dec 2015 - El País-Materia and other media

Various media channels have commented on a study on cirrhosis performed by Raúl Méndez, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona, and Mercedes Fernández, at IDIBAPS, and published in Gastroenterology, the most prominent science journal in the field of gastrointestinal diseases. In their article, they show that the protein CPEB4 could serve as a therapeutic target to prevent the development of pathological blood vessels near the liver. The formation of these vessels is one of the most severe complications in cirrhosis patients and a key factor in the development and exacerbation of the disease.