Media mentions

28 Oct

Scientia Crastina is a platform aimed at early career scientists for the discussion of academic communication and the dissemination of science. They have seen the IRB Barcelona video and devoted an article to it with quotes from Sarah Sherwood, head of the Communications and External Relations of IRB Barcelona and main coordinator of the video.


28 Oct

Diario Médico reports on a study by Ernest Giralt’s lab (two pages) published in the Journal of Controlled Release on the design of a peptide capable of eliminating tumour cells. The peptide in question exploits the properties of wasp venom.

24 Oct

The magazine Quo has published an article by Cristina Sáez on the breakthroughs and future treatments for cancer. Among the many scientists cited is ICREA researcher Salvador Aznar Benitah (IRB Barcelona) for his studies on stem cells and skin cancer.


21 Oct

Interview with Eduard Batlle, coordinator of IRB Barcelona’s Oncology Programme and ICREA researcher, on the lines of investigation undertaken by the Colorectal Cancer Lab. The interview has appeared in GI Magazine, which is published by Boehringer Ingelheim and devoted to gastrointestinal medicine.

21 Oct

The company Iproteos, a spin-off from IRB Barcelona cofounded by Ernest Giralt and Teresa Tarragó, both researchers at IRB, has already surpassed 80% of the funding requested in a fundraising campaign that was launched in mid 2014. This news is echoed in El Periódico de Catalunya. The objective is to finance a drug for the treatment of schizophrenia.

18 Oct

Natàlia Carulla, associate researcher at IRB Barcelona devoted to studying the aggregation of the protein beta-amyloid, which is strongly associated with Alzheimer's disease, explains her approach to reveal the role of this protein in this neurodegenerative disease, a condition that affects millions of elderly people worldwide.

In a study recently published in ACS Chemical Biology, Carulla describes the aggregation structures of beta-amyloid that are toxic for neurons.

15 Oct

La Vanguardia and many other media, including television, radio, digital press and blogs, have covered the launch of IRB Barcelona’s video to attract donations. Local, national and international media have echoed on IRB Barcelona’s fundraising campaign.

10 Oct

Interview with Angel R. Nebreda, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona, in the local newspaper “La Opinión de Zamora” on his participation in a cancer congress organized in Benavente, the scientist’s hometown.

09 Oct

Andreu Casali’s study published in EmboReports on research into colon cancer performed in the fly has caught the attention of the  media. The Diari de Girona, among others, has reported on the study.

08 Oct

The North American journal GEN reports on research performed by Natàlia Carulla, with the Peptides and Proteins Group at IRB, on beta-amyloid aggregates and their relation with Alzheimer’s disease. The study concludes that the most harmful aggregates for neurons are intermediate accumulations of beta-amyloid, these ranging from between 20 and 100 units.