Media mentions

19 Sep

Feature article published in the Spanish science news website Excelenciencia about the IRB Barcelona initiatives to bring closer the science to the society. The aim behind the new approaches included in the article are to inform and attracting new donations.

Atraer donaciones con un clic (in Spanish)

05 Aug

Marco Milán (Development and Growth Control Lab) interviewed in Catalunya Ràdio about the uses of Drosophila melanogaster for biomedical reseacher. IRB Barcelona is a pioneer in the use of flies to study human conditions like cancer and genetic diseases.


05 Aug

Several media echo on the research lead by Ernest Giralt focused on the use of wasp venom as a strategy to kill cancer cells selectively.






04 Aug

News of the Spanish Scientific News Agency, SINC Agency, on a study perfomed at Ernest Giralt's lab with wasp venom to desing a new therapyagainst breast cancer.

01 Aug

The laboratory of Peptides and Proteins, headed by Ernest Giralt , published in the Journal of Controlled Released a therapy for breast cancer using the wasp venom. The August magazine of “Muy Interesante” has echoed the study.


01 Aug

The Pharma Boardroom is the premier website for senior executives, consultants, regulators and vendors working in Healthcare Life Sciences globally. Pharma Boardroom published today an interview with Joan Guinovart, the director of the IRB Barcelona. In it he discusses the Institute’s unique interdisciplinary characteristics and emphasizes the need for Spain to foster technology transfer as a means to further innovation.

28 Jul

More cash and many profound structural changes—according to a panel of European experts, is what Spain's national science and innovation system needs to become more competitive. “The good news for the Spanish government is that even in a crisis context, these reforms can be done,” says Joan Guinovart, director of the IRB Barcelona, in the Science magazine. “No more words are needed, now … is the time to apply the recommendations.”


27 Jul

Diario Médico echoes on an article about nutrition developed by Lara Barrio and Marco Milán in the Development and Growth Control laboratory. The work was published in Cell Reports.

25 Jul

Article about the situation of the biomedical research in Catalonia in the international section of the Catalan News Agency (CNA). The article highlights the high level of the research performed in Catalonia as well as the total volume of publications, 10 times higher from the volume expected by population. Among the consulted sources, there is the director of the IRB Barcelona, Joan Guinovart.

11 Jul

El Punt-Avui TV interwiews Natàlia Carulla, organizer of the Barcelona Biomed Conference about Alzheimer’s disease, held from 9 to 11 of July in Barcelona. The IRB researcher, explains the current state of the research against Alzheimer’s disease and exposes the need for more resources in research to find a cure.