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18 Apr 2015 - BTV

Various media, including BTV television, have covered news of the first IRB Barcelona Open Day, attended by nearly 600 people. The media have commented on the enthusiasm of the visitors and statements made by Joan Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona, who expressed his appreciation of the interest shown in this event and the public response to the programme of activities organised.

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16 Apr 2015 - ABC & La Vanguardia

The newspapers ABC and La Vanguardia have reported on the first Open Day at IRB Barcelona, to be held on Saturday 18 April. This event, which will be visited by 600 people, has been organized following the success of the crowdfunding campaign through a dance video featuring IRB Barcelona researchers, and to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the centre. Meritxell Teixidó, Antonio Zorzano, and Salvador Aznar-Benitah, scientists working in various IRB Barcelona laboratories, will give informative talks on their fields of research —cancer and metastasis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, respectively. These will be followed by...

15 Apr 2015 - Diario Médico

“Diario Médico” has published an article coinciding with International Pompe Day about the campaign “Investigar salva vidas” (Research saves lives), launched by the “Asociación Española de Enfermos de Glucogenosis” (AEEG) in collaboration with sport clubs throughout Spain. The aim of this campaign is to co-fund a research project on this rare condition, which will be carried out by the team headed by Joan Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona.

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15 Apr 2015 - La Xarxa Radio

The news bulletin of the radio programme “La Tarda” (Broadcasting Network of Catalonia) has covered the launch of the fundraising project Nadar Contra Corriente (Swim against the current) in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, which is going to be held on Friday 17 April in a function that will include the participation of the town mayor, Enric Carbonell, and Joan Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona. Carlos Romero, who intends to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar in September, will donate all the proceeds to IRB Barcelona research on cancer and metastasis.

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13 Apr 2015 - El Progreso

April 15 is International Pompe Day, a rare condition that affects the muscular development of the body, causing death in infants under one year of age and severe muscle weakness in children and adults. As different media have explained, the “Asociación Española de Enfermos de Glucogenosis” (AEEG) has launched an awareness campaign, in collaboration with a number of Spanish sport entities, to co-fund a project that will be carried out by the laboratory headed by Joan Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona.

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5 Apr 2015 - La Vanguardia

“La Vanguardia” has published an article on the Richi Talents initiative, launched by the Richi Foundation in collaboration with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which aims to discover new talents among high school students in Catalonia. The initiative will start in the next academic year and will reward the best research projects with the possibility of an internship in a research centre in the first stage, among them IRB Barcelona and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, and a stay in Boston in the second stage.

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2 Apr 2015 - ABC

Various media, including the ABC newspaper, have reported on the collaboration between IRB Barcelona, CRG, IDIBAPS and VHIR to launch the training programme “PhD for Medical Doctors – PhD4MD”, aimed at physicians who want to train in biomedical research. This programme seeks to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice, so that the results of research reach patients sooner. The article includes statements made by the directors of the four centres involved.

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30 Mar 2015 - El Sesrovirenc

The local newsletter “El Sesrovirenc” has interviewed Carlos Romero, a telecommunications engineer and amateur swimmer who has launched the project Nadar Contra Corriente (Swim against the current) to support IRB Barcelona research. Romero is going to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar in September and will donate all the money collected to IRB Barcelona research on cancer and metastasis. During the interview, Romero explains the difficulties of this sports challenge and the reasons that have led him to embark on this charity fund-raising project.

30 Mar 2015 - La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia and other media have published news about the first donation of the non-profit association “Vi per Vida” (“Wine for Life”) to IRB Barcelona for cancer and metastasis research. Xavier Ayala, its promoter, and Joan Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona, were grateful for the participation of so many people, institutions and wineries in the two charity tastings held in 2014. The association has already scheduled three new wine-tasting events for this year.

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28 Mar 2015 - El Punt AVUI

“El Punt Avui” has included an article about the award given by the Club d’Amics de la Clau de Barcelona to Joan Massagué, scientific director of the Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York and Chair of the External Advisory Board of IRB Barcelona. During the award ceremony, Massagué proposed that “research centres in Barcelona, even when on different sites, could join to form a large institution”, and specifically mentioned IRB Barcelona—of which he is co-founder—, CRG and ICFO. According to the researcher, a common front would be a “great opportunity for Barcelona to turn research and science into its great appeal”.

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