Media mentions

20 Apr 2016 - La Mañana Diari de Ponent

The newspaper published in Lleida devotes an article to the recent finding made by the researchers Felipe Slebe, Joan Guinovart and Roger Gomis in breast cancer. The authors of the study have discovered that breast cancer tumours must take up fat in order to keep growing. The LIPG protein is crucial in this process and may provide a potential therapeutic target for the development of inhibitors to block its activity.

20 Apr 2016 - Premsa Generalitat de Catalunya

The Government of Catalonia has published a news article that summarises the competitiveness of Catalan research centres and universities in the European Research Council (ERC) Call in 2015. The scientist Angel R. Nebreda, who belongs to the Oncology Programme and already holds an ERC Advanced Grant, has now been awarded an ERC Proof of Concept to develop drugs against breast cancer.

News from the Generalitat de Catalunya

18 Apr 2016 - RNE - Radio Exterior

In an extensive interview on Radio Nacional de España, Radio Exterior, Felipe Slebe explains the breakthroughs in the fight against cancer made at IRB Barcelona.

Listen to the interview here (From minute 3.50 to minute 20):…/TE_SMA…/mp3/7/7/1460972142277.mp3


17 Apr 2016 - La Sexta-Noticias

laSexta TV News devotes time to research that has revealed that the proliferation and division of breast cancer cells is dependent on the cells taking up lipids (fats) circulating in blood.

The study explains that tumour cells have high levels of LIPG protein, a membrane protein that...

17 Apr 2016 - La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia, and its online science section BigVang, has published a questionnaire by Eduard Batlle, ICREA researcher and group leader of the Colorectal Cancer Laboratory at IRB Barcelona. The questionnaire reveals some interesting things about Batlle, such as his passion for football, Star Wars, and Bruce Springsteen.

10 Apr 2016 - Segre

The newspaper “Segre” has published an article about the new “Vi per vida” wine tasting event, held on 9 April in Mollerussa. This charity initiative, which was launched in 2014 by the sommelier Xavier Ayala, raises funds for research into cancer metastasis at IRB Barcelona.

During its latest event, “Vi per vida” handed over the proceeds collected in 2015, which amounted to over € 5,000, making it the second cheque that the charity has given to the institute. Andreu Casali, research...

7 Apr 2016 -

On World Health Day, the newspaper El Mundo prepared a special supplement to various aspects related to biomedicine. One of the pieces focuses on research. In this regard, Spain boasts leading centres such as "CNIO, CNIC, VHIR and IRB Barcelona, which have ridden out the crisis thanks to internationalization", says the article.

The same piece includes statements made by the director of the centre, Joan Guinovart, who, in reference to fund-raising, says, “it is necessary to promote donations from individual citizens, in addition to increasing...

6 Apr 2016 - Various Media

Various media channels have explained new research revealing that the division and proliferation of breast tumor cells is dependent on the uptake of lipids (fats) from circulating blood.

The article, published in Nature Communications, is the result of a collaboration between Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher and head of the Growth control and cancer metastasis group, and Joan J. Guinovart, director of IRB Barcelona and group leader of the Metabolic engineering and diabetes therapy group. The...

31 Mar 2016 - RecerCat Bulletin

IRB Barcelona’s new series of scientific videos called "Meet Our Scientists" has been recommended in RECERCAT, a newsletter produced by the Secretary of Universities and Research that includes information on research, science, and technology.

In the 3-minute interviews, IRB Barcelona researchers present their work and explain what motivates them and the contributions that might come about thanks to their work.

29 Mar 2016 - Ara & TV3

The newspaper “Arahas published an article on the most recent discovery made by Joan Massagué, director of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and one of the founders of IRB Barcelona. He has revealed how cells that cause metastasis can remain hidden for a long time, thus eluding the immune system before reactivating.

In addition, the TV3 newscast team has sought Roger Gomis...