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25 Jan

“Magazine” puts the spotlight on how science is funded in Spain. It gathers the opinions of prominent figures in research, including those of Joan Guinovart, Roger Gomis and Elena Sancho, from IRB Barcelona, who draw attention to the relevance of research as an economic driver.

Given the current difficult economic scenario, research centres have started to actively search for alternative sources of funding. Examples are the fund-raising campaign launched by IRB Barcelona (through a dance video on YouTube) and the charity wine-tasting events organized by Xavier Ayala (“Vi per Vida”) in support of investigation into metastasis performed at IRB. Initiatives of this kind bring about...

19 Jan

The “Diario Médico” newspaper interviews Joan Massagué, scientific director of the Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York and Chair of the External Advisory Board of IRB Barcelona. During the interview, Massagué talks about progress in controlling metastasis, the development of diagnostic indicators, and pharmacological innovations to treat cancer dissemination. Massagué also expresses his concern about the disinvestment in biomedical research in Spain in recent years, with the negative impact this may have in the future.

12 Jan

Radio 5 (RNE) interviews Meritxell Teixidó, associate researcher in the Peptide and Protein Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, about the line of investigation on substances capable of crossing the hematoencephalic barrier —a structure that protects the brain from infection. Teixidó talks about a new peptide that they have produced based on apamine, a peptide present in bee venom. This finding would allow the design of new drugs to treat diseases of the central nervous system. Another project related to these peptides is the treatment of glioblastoma, a joint project conducted with Joan Seoane, researcher at the “Hospital Vall d’Hebron” Oncology Institute (VHIO).

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31 Dec

“20 minutos” newspaper publishes a compilation of the most important findings in made in biomedicine in 2014 by leading research centres in Spain. The article emphasizes that these results, produced by CNIC, CNIO, Vall d’Hebron and IRB Barcelona, were achieved despite the economic crisis.

Regarding IRB Barcelona, one of the outstanding projects is that undertaken by the team led by Ángel Rodríguez Nebreda, head of the “Signalling and Cell Cycle” lab, which identified the function of a protein related to colon cancer. The article also highlights the project developed by the group led by Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher and head of the “Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis” lab, which...

29 Dec

“El Periódico de Catalunya” has published an article about a new technique, called Crispr/Cas9, to modify the genome. This method is innovative because it allows modifications to be made in a more straightforward and faster manner than with previously used approaches. The article includes statements made by researchers specialized in the field of genomics, including Stephen Forrow, head of the “Mouse Mutant Core Facility” at IRB Barcelona.

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23 Dec

The “Diari de Sabadell” newspaper interviews Joan Massagué, scientific director of the Sloane-Kettering Institute in New York and Chair of the External Advisory Board of IRB Barcelona, following the presentation of research grants from the Parc Taulí Foundation (ceremony presided by Massagué). In the interview, Joan Massagué talks about various topics related to the field of health, with a special focus on cancer and metastasis.

Read the interview in the “Diari de Sabadell” newspaper (in Catalan)

23 Dec publishes an article about the beginnings of the "Vi per vida" project, promoted by Xavier Ayala to raise funds for the research into metastasis undertaken by IRB Barcelona. The article reflects Xavier Ayala’s and Joan J. Guinovart’s opinions and includes information about a crowdfunding campaign launched by researchers at the University of Barcelona to fund their studies on Opitz C syndrome.

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20 Dec

ARA newspaper has published an article about the difficulties to achieve a balance between professional and family life when working in high-level research —with a special emphasis on women. The article includes experiences of researchers from various centres, including Travis Stracker, group leader of the Laboratory of Genomic Instability and Cancer at IRB Barcelona.

Read the article in ARA newspaper (in Catalan).

17 Dec

The “Diario Médico” newspaper makes reference to the II Applied Biomedicine Prize given by the Valdés-Salas Foundation to Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher and group leader of the “Growth control and cancer metastasis” group at IRB Barcelona. Gomis has been awarded this recognition for his work on the identification of a gene capable of predicting the risk of developing bone metastasis in patients with breast cancer.

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12 Dec

Coinciding with the announcement by the WHO about a 50% decrease in number of cases of malaria, TV3 also explains IRB’s discovery of compounds that eliminate malaria in mice. ICREA researcher Lluís Ribas de Pouplana further explains that the treated mice developed an immune memory that protects against future infections.

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