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Molecular Medicine


The Molecular Medicine Programme includes a diverse faculty of biomedical researchers with overlapping scientific interests. It seeks to further our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms that underlie physiological processes and their associated diseases. One of the additional goals is to facilitate the application of the knowledge generated in order to foster translational research.

Expertise in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, cell signalling and regulation, genomics, genetics and immunology is strongly represented in this Programme. The activities undertaken include the study of the molecular bases of diabetes, obesity, inflammation and, in general, metabolic syndrome, and research into new treatments for these diseases. In addition, it also addresses the signal transduction pathways that control cellular processes, macrophage biology, functional genomics, the molecular bases of inherited aminoacidurias and the structural bases of membrane transporter function.

Programme coordinator

Antonio Zorzano Antonio Zorzano
Group Leader
Office Tel: +34 93 40 37197
e-mail: antonio.zorzanoirbbarcelona.org


Programme Staff

Programme Technician
NatÓlia Plana
Office Tel: +34 93 40 34701

Programme Secretary
NatÓlia Molner
Office Tel: +34 93 40 34046

Scientific publications search

Scientific publications search

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Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)

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