Inbiomotion validates its test, which will help reduce mortality in breast cancer

Inbiomotion, a spin-off from IRB Barcelona, developed a unique single-gene-based biomarker for the personalised adjuvant treatment of early-stage breast cancer patients. The study has compared the clinical efficacy of the proprietary MAFTEST® for the selection of patients for adjuvant bisphosphonate therapy with that of current clinical guidance.

The MAFTEST® assessments of the landmark clinical trials NSABP-B34 and AZURE showed its clinical value for the selection of individuals with early-stage breast cancer who can benefit from adjuvant clodronate treatment. The study shows that stratification of early-stage breast cancer patients according to MAF status reduces the risk of death and relapse in MAF-negative patients by 26% and 23%, respectively, compared to a 12% and 15% reduction in the risk of death or relapse seen with stratification by menopausal status, recommended by current ESMO and ASCO Clinical Guidelines.

The use of MAF status for selecting early-stage breast cancer patients for bisphosphonate treatment allows young premenopausal patients currently excluded by existing clinical guidance access to therapy.

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