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In 2019, the #MetastasisChallenge has made an important leap forward, largely thanks to the involvement and commitment of small and large companies that have made a firm commitment to supporting cancer research.

Among the collaborating entities are the “Vi per Vida” charity, the Fero Foundation, the “Llavaneres Against Cancer” charity, the “Camí dels Ibers” trail race and the company Sysmex España.


This year, the “Vi per Vida” charity, which has been raising funds for the research against cancer at IRB Barcelona for five years, organised a fundraising wine-tasting event in the Sant Antoni Market, which approximately 200 people attended.


The Fero Foundation (a private foundation that seeks to contribute to the development of translational oncological research) has provided economic support for the purchase of research equipment. And the international company devoted to diagnostic systems for cancer and other diseases, Sysmex España, has donated research material to our laboratories.

Another collaborating organisation is the charity "Llavaneres Against Cancer", which works to raise funds for cancer research.

Finally, and for the second consecutive year, the proceeds of the “Camí dels Ibers” trail race have been donated to this campaign, which aims to involve the whole of society in metastasis research.

These and other organisations that support IRB Barcelona are key to the continuation of its #MetastasisChallenge in the fight against cancer.

Thank you!

We want to thank all the people and organisations that have contributed to furthering our mission, namely to bring biomedical advances to society and thus improve quality of life.



Background photo: Skin cancer stem cells to study biological processes related to different types of cancer and metastasis. Lorenzo Rinaldi, Alumni.