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In 2019, IRB Barcelona has received ample backing from society. Some of these people were old acquaintances, while others are new ones, but together they have made us feel their support and now they are an important part of our community. We talk about the friends of IRB Barcelona—those charitable individuals who have not hesitated and have joined the #MetastasisChallenge to fight cancer.

In 2019, more than 2,900 people have taken part in the #MetastasisChallenge, helping us go further.

A group of very special people have organised a variety of fundraising activities in support of cancer research. Among them are Llorenç and Inês, who have embroidered solidarity hearts through the initiative “Suma el teu Cor”, which many people have supported. Also, the Vinya del Sastret School has organised a solidarity science festival. Then Ester Lizandra, after having overcome breast cancer, has made bracelets to raise funds. Vinyet, Mariona, Maria and Xavier, from the Can Morral winery, have opened their doors for a wine-tasting session. Then there is Montse Clotet, who has donated part of the copyrights of her book "The Incredible Story of a cloud". And we remember with great affection our friends Magdalena Socias, who ran through the Serra de Tramuntana, and Maria Piñol, who organised a concert, both raising funds to fight a disease that sadly beat them.

We will continue to fight in their name. 

We would like to thank these and many others who make the #MetastasisChallenge possible.


Thank you!

We want to thank all the people and organisations that have contributed to furthering our mission, namely to bring biomedical advances to society and thus improve quality of life.



Background photo: Skin cancer stem cells to study biological processes related to different types of cancer and metastasis. Lorenzo Rinaldi, Alumni.