IRB Barcelona´s Crazy About Biomedicine Programme celebrates 10 years of fostering scientific vocations

Communications and Public engagement

The 10th anniversary of the Crazy About Biomedicine Programme, launched in 2013 by IRB Barcelona and the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, was celebrated in an event held on 1 April at the Parc Cientific de Barcelona.

The event was attended by participants from all ten editions of the programme, as well as representatives from IRB Barcelona.The initiative aims to share the cutting-edge science undertaken at IRB Barcelona and foster scientific vocations among young people in their first year of baccalaureate who are passionate about science and biomedical research. Building on the programme's success, the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation later launched 13 equivalent programmes under the umbrella of Crazy About Science. 

More than 240 youngsters have participated in the programme over its 10 years, and about 95% of them have gone on to study a science degree, with 23% pursuing a Master's degree or PhD. IRB Barcelona is committed to promoting scientific literacy and critical thinking through a range of activities, including Open Days, training courses for teachers, and educational material.

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