López-Bigas, Ferran Muiños and González-Pérez - 2021 City of Barcelona Award

Dr. Núria López-Bigas, Dr. Ferran Muiños, and Dr. Abel González-Pérez, all three from the Biomedical Genomics laboratory, have been awarded the 2021 City of Barcelona Award in the Life Sciences category. The award recognises the potential of BoostDM, a computational method they developed that identifies the driver-mutations for each type of cancer.

Their work aims to accelerate cancer research and provide tools that help oncologists choose the most appropriate treatment for each patient. The jury acknowledged their contribution to advancing fundamental knowledge of cancer and the importance of their study for cross-sectional advancement in several basic research disciplines.

For more informationhttps://www.irbbarcelona.org/en/news/institutional/dr-nuria-lopez-bigas-dr-ferran-muinos-and-dr-abel-gonzalez-perez-receive-2021

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