Aznar-Benitah - 2022 Lilly Foundation Biomedical Research Award

Dr. Salvador Aznar-Benitah, head of the Stem Cells and Cancer laboratory, has been recognised in the Preclinical Biomedical Research category of the Lilly Foundation´s 2022 Biomedical Research Awards. The award acknowledges his contributions to the study of the link between ageing, stem cells, cancer, diet, and circadian rhythm.

Dr. Aznar-Benitah's findings have revealed that stem cell behaviour is regulated by an internal clock aligned with the circadian rhythm. He has identified the cells responsible for initiating metastasis in various types of human tumours. His recent publication in Nature (2021) determined the influence of different dietary fats on the development of metastasis.

The contributions of Dr. Aznar-Benitah to biomedicine and health sciences in Spain have been recognised as having a significant impact on a global scale, and his fields of research may have practical implications.

Since their launch in 2002, the Lilly Foundation Awards have honoured 40 scholars and have become the gold standard for exceptional careers in science.

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