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CAR-T cell therapy: genetically engineered T cells for the treatment of cancer

7 Mayo 21

Speaker: Sonia Guedan, PhD. –  IDIBAPS. Barcelona



Organizer: IRB Barcelona

Date: Friday 07 May 2021, 12.00h

Title: "CAR-T cell therapy: genetically engineered T cells for the treatment of cancer"

Host: Roger Gomis, PhD. Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab-  Cancer Science Programme - IRB Barcelona

The genetic engineering of T-cells to express chimeric antigen receptors, known as CAR-T cell therapy, has shown tremendous promise for the treatment of hematologic cancers. Five CAR-T cell therapies have been FDA-approved since 2017 for the treatment of leukaemia and lymphoma, marking a new era in oncology. However, the success of CAR-T cells in the context of hematologic malignancies has not translated yet into the setting of solid tumours. Although CAR-T cells are able to infiltrate solid tumors and exert antigen directed activity, sustained objective responses are rarely observed. Significant challenges remain with regard to understanding the factors that impact effective T cell persistence and function, especially in the context of solid tumors. New approaches to enhance the persistence and efficacy of CAR-T cells will be presented, with a focus on strategies to diminish T cell exhaustion and to prevent tumor escape due to immunosuppression or loss of antigen expression.


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