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Contingent contagion and visualizing the invisible

26 Oct 20

Seminar by Jo Milne (IRB Barcelona’s 2020 Artist in Residence) (in English)

Date: Monday, 26 October, 2020 Time: 12:00h Format: Online - If you are from outside the IRB Barcelona community, please register here.




Jo Milne is an artist and researcher, who studied in Fine Art in Edinburgh and London, before being a PhD in Fine Art in 2016 from the University of Barcelona for her thesis “Invisible Structures” that considered methodologies used by scientists, artists and visionaries to visualize the invisible.

“Contingent contagion, visualising the invisible” will trace some of the contagions between the visualisation practices employed by artists and scientists in the past and the links she establishes in her paintings and installations that respond to molecular landscapes and cosmological paradigms.


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